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Our Green Mission

At Green Geeks we have two important goals.
  • Provide quality, dependable web hosting services at affordable rates with the best customer service in the business.

    We live by very simple and important principle, which is, without customers we have no business. Our customer's satisfaction is the #1 focus for every team member of the company and I personally guarantee my attention for to every customer.

  • Promote every web site on the internet to be hosted by a web hosting company utilizing green energy.

    We hope that if you do not choose Green Geeks to host your web site, please choose some other certified green energy web host. When you do choose a green hosting company please promote that fact on your web site. We want your web site visitors to see that you support green energy.
When you put a green energy logo or green energy web hosting logo on your web site we all win.

You and the millions of other web site owners can make a huge impact on the amount of time that the billions of web site visitors are faced with some sort of reminder about the efforts of going green. The goal is to have a green energy marker on every web site and of course in reality it would be next to impossible to reach that goal. Just imagine for a moment though if we could accomplish even 10% of that goal. Can you imagine what a powerful effect it could have in stimulating the conscious and sub conscious of hundreds of millions of people into being more attentive toward going green.

When you host with Green Geeks we provide stylish logos you can use to make sure people know you are green. Check out the Green Geeks logos. Together we can create momentum toward going green and this grass roots effort can be easily started by the web hosting community and especially by you, their web hosting clients. As consumers looking to spend money on web site hosting you have a strong individual voice and a huge collective voice that can demand change in our industry. I guarantee that if the public starts to demand green energy for their web site hosting, that every large web hosting company would go green. So we would like to ask you to use your voice to choose green energy web hosting, even if you decide on some other green energy web hosting company. Please make sure that if you are hosting your site green and that you make a mention of that fact in some place of prominence on your site. You may think that you have a small site or that you don.t have much traffic but remember this is a numbers game and anyone, even one person, who made more of an effort to be green because of your site means you have made a positive contribution.

Once we have made our choice to go green for our own web sites and told all the web hosts to go green, we will then need to hit all of our favorite online stores. Remember the consumers, use your friends and your internet acquaintances and have them email your favorite online store and let them know they will lose your business until they decide to go green. And when they do go green ask them to post that fact on their site and thank them for doing so.

We believe that if we all join in this effort to enhance green messages on all personal and business web sites we can cause a green momentum not yet seen on the internet or anywhere else. Please help us support this effort and please know we are greatly appreciative for any assistance you can provide.

By the way, going green for your own web site and your business almost assuredly will lead to higher sales compared to your non green competitors. In 2006, 81% of Americans polled by the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies felt that they had a personal responsibility to do something positive about the environment. So all things being equal and gone green and your competitors have not, you should win the business 81% of the time and that.s where going green and promoting green makes good economic sense.

We have all seen in articles, news reports and documentaries about how failed to realize until relatively recently how harmful many of our actions have been to the environment. To think that we need to reverse over a century.s worth of heavy pollution on a global scale can seem daunting. This is why at Green Geeks, we feel that now more than ever we can and must collectively work together to heighten awareness and force a change in philosophy for as many individuals as possible.

You can start today to make your lifestyle and businesses greener. It is also important to remember that there is still a huge percentage of our population who doesn.t know how to be effective in their energy and natural resource consumption as well as recycling and there are easy ways for them to get started. If you know of someone who needs information an help, please point them toward our Green Business Registry or any other online resource which may help them get started.

Remember, turning around our environmental errors will take a collective effort. We have the numbers and the interest, at least 81% of us, now each of us needs to start to do something about it.

"We must all hang together, or most assuredly we will all hang separately. - Ben Franklin"

Thank you for your support,

Trey Gardner, CEO
Green Geeks

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