What is an SSL Certificate & Why do I need it?

GreenGeeks makes it easy for you to secure your website. An SSL certificate enabled the special lock symbol on your browser that encrypts traffic from the user to our servers. This is perfect for websites that stores sensitive information. It also is good for ranking higher on search engines. Google has announced as part of its mission for an HTTPS “everywhere” initiative it will prefer websites with HTTPS over HTTP.

Currently, you have two options for HTTPS with GreenGeeks:

  1. Premium AlphaSSL Wildcard SSL Certificate: This SSL is issued by a Trusted CA and gives you 256-bit Encryption along with Warranty, Digital Seal and 2048 bit root strength. In addition to this, you have multi-year renewals options. The cost for this certificate is $99.95/year.
  2. Let’s Encrypt WildCard SSL Certificate: This SSL is issued by the Let’s Encrypt project. It provides basic protection, however, it does not include any warranty, website seals, or value-added services normally offered by a trusted Certificate Authority. Let’s Encrypt requires that these certificates renew every 90 days. If you forget to renew the certificate, it may cause site accessibility issues. There is no charge for this service.

GreenGeeks recommends that you utilize a Premium SSL certificate if you are transacting sensitive information, otherwise, a Let’s Encrypt Wildcard SSL will be just fine.

Get Your SSL & Enable HTTPS on Your Website Now!

Contact Support To Get Your SSL Certificate and we’ll set up the SSL/HTTPS encryption of your choice.

* Dedicated IP required for third-party SSL certificates for full browser coverage. Not required for Let’s Encrypt and/or SSL certificates sold by GreenGeeks.

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