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How to Switch from Blogger to WordPress and Keep your Google Rankings

Blogger and WordPress are both great blogging tools. However, if you have your own web hosting account and your own website set up, you may want to move towards hosting your blog on your own web hosting account. WordPress, right now, is the most popular blog publishing platform on the planet. In this step-by-step tutorial, we will walk you through the steps you need to take to migrate from the Blogger platform over to WordPress.

It is super easy to do this within WordPress. The WordPress Import tools are great and make it to where you can nearly complete the entire process from within WordPress. However, there is one more thing you might need to go back to Blogger to update. Here are the steps you need to follow to switch from Blogger to WordPress.

Step 1

From within the WordPress dashboard, go to Tools > Import. On this page you will see several different blog publishing platforms. Click on Blogger. Once you have done this, it will ask you if you want to install the Blogger importer.


Once you click on the Install button, WordPress will download the tools it needs to import Blogger content. Once it has finished downloading, you will need to click Activate Plugin > Run Importer.

Step 2

Next, the plugin you just installed will ask you to authorize WordPress to import your blog on Blogger. When you click on the button Authorizing this – you will be taken to your Google Accounts page. Allow WordPress access and continue. Here is an important note. If you have multiple Blogger blogs, you may have to choose the correct one to import. WordPress will start importing your Blogger posts into your WordPress powered blog. Depending on the number of posts you have made, this may take a while. WordPress will let you know when it is done – it really is a courteous blogging script.

Step 3

Now, all your Blogger posts are in WordPress. Are you done? Not exactly. I want you to log into your WordPress account. From the dashboard, go to Settings > Permalinks. Make sure you have the Month and name structure selected.

This is more than likely the permalink structure that matches how they were set up on Blogger. It is important to keep your permalinks the same. You do not want search engine bots or website visitors to be taken to a 404 error when they are trying to look up a post you have written.

Bonus Step at Blogger

The last thing I would recommend doing in your Blogger account is to redirect your blogger feed.

You want to set it up so that it redirects to your new WordPress powered RSS feed. You can do that by visiting Settings > Other within your Blogger account. Under the Site Feed section, put your new feed URL in the box marked, “Post Feed Redirect URL”.

Once you follow these steps, you will successfully be blogging on WordPress rather than Blogger. While Blogger does serve as a nice platform to get your blog started, WordPress offers much more flexibility and function. Most people find it easy to import the posts from Blogger to WordPress – however, to make sure the transition is seamless, there are several more steps that need to be taken. Thankfully, WordPress makes it really easy on its end to import posts from a plethora of blogging platforms.

Updated on October 22, 2018

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