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GreenGeeks Reviews

What thousands of customers say about GreenGeeks...

Personal thanks to George, April 03, 2014
By Bas of from RU

Personal thanks to George. Helped a lot.
Best Customer Services Hands Down, April 02, 2014
By Ryan Payne of from Corpus Christi, TX, USA

I have spent 5 hours tonight looking at spec sheets, faqs and everything else for all the popular reseller programs around. I live chated with most of them and felt like I had to wake up my customer service rep. With Green Geek I had the best Support ever from a rep named George he was very responsive, had answers to all my questions and is 100% the reason I purchased from your company. GreenGeeks Pricing plans are amazing but having George explain everything to me is what made me realize how great of a service your offering.
Problem solved in 10 minutes, April 01, 2014
By Mark DeBusk of from United States

I wasn't able to view my website and I had to reach important information from it. I went to live chat and my website was up and running in 10 minutes. I am happy with the fast and reliable service. Bravo to GreenGeeks!
Easy, for this beginner!, April 01, 2014
By mindful momma of from Ventura, CA

Thank you for making it easy. Especially for a beginner. I am learning the ropes and feel comfortable asking the basic questions about hosting my new site!
, April 01, 2014
By Rd of from Venice, CA, USA

Each instance I've dealt with GreenGeeks my questions have been dealt with impeccably. The support team representatives on chat are helpful, patient, and encouraging. In this particular instance, Galvin R recognized what I was trying to say before I could even get it out in words. And now once again, I am a happy little camper working industriously on the sites I have housed with GreenGeeks. Thanks Galvin, thanks to all the team reps I've spoken to in the past, and thanks GreenGeeks!
Awsome site!, March 31, 2014
By Deborah Rogers of from Richmond, VA

I just joined and had my website switched to Green geeks! Today I was able to open my control panel and see what I could do! I was so amazed at how easy it was to navigate! I used the icon to help your site with the SEO and it took my low ranking site for 4 to 100% in a matter of minutes! I could not believe it! I can't wait to see what else I can do on my own! I also love the fact that some one is always available to chat and help when I need it!
Galvin R was great, March 29, 2014
By Greg Zike of from Champaign, IL

Had a security issue with my website caused by myself typing the wrong password in too many times to my FTP. Chatted with Galvin R and within a few minutes everything was back to normal. Galvin was great and handled it fast and professionally. Thanks, Greg Zike GEEKYGUYS
, March 26, 2014
By Nicholas Hintibidze of from new york, ny

Vance helped me as well as I could hope for and resolved my issue
Ugo S was great!, March 21, 2014
By Harry of from Norfolk, VA

He was fast, helpful and professional
AMAZING , March 20, 2014
By Kunal of from India

I have been hosting with Green Geeks from past 2 years and had never experienced any breakdown in the service... Green Geeks deliver what they promise. Thank you Green Geeks and team, for providing so amazing service around the clock, you guy's simply ROCK...
Ugo S saves the day again, March 19, 2014
By Sam of from United States

Anytime anything goes wrong, he's on top of it. Always fixes it, very quickly. 5 stars, and a round of applause.
Very Good Service re Account setup, March 18, 2014
By bert twomey of from Toronto Canada

Had problem re Account setup & David R in support solved and helped all setup and fixed in 20 minutes Thanks bert
Best choice ever!, March 18, 2014
By David E. of from Bogota, Colombia

I was a former user of hosting services, but tired of having so many issues and getting resopnse from support after more than 24 hours and having no Cpanel or any other user friendly GUI. I decide to move on to Greengeeks and let me tell you all my users start to feel the change. More features, a brand new website, unlimited email space, well in summary best hosting and BEST SERVICE/SUPPORT EVER!! Special thanks to: DAVID R. VANCE K. UGO S.
Always great help, March 18, 2014
By Stuart Gow of from Fiji

Bottom line is the technical side is well sorted, and the service with the online chat 24hrs is great. All of staff just go and fix things for ya!
You guys rock....excellent service, March 18, 2014
By Richard Garro of from France

I love your service and the quickness of your team to get back to me whenever I have an issue. I love the fact that I can contact your team via a CHAT, an extremely practical tool for those of us who are not in the US. Keep it up Green are the best!
Just Awesome!, March 17, 2014
By Cruise of from La Loche, SK

I have not had any problems with this company in the past 5-6 months since I signed up. Customer service is amazing and they are more than willing to help when you are unfamiliar with an issue. I would consider myself a "newb" when it comes to hosting and creating websites and GreenGeeks has been more than willing to help me along to produce something that I am proud of.
Awesome service and product, March 17, 2014
By Steve Dool of from Ottawa, ON

After three years of struggle with outages, suspensions, and poor service on my previous hosting platform. The team a GreenGeeks did an amazing job getting my site transferred and setup for me. The speed is amazing with over 300% faster page loads. What was taking over a minute on some pages, now takes just a few seconds. If you need a hosting platform for your Drupal site - Go GreenGeeks!
Great Live Chat, March 16, 2014
By Stephen Taylor of from United Kingdom

Excellent Live Chat Support Quality of staff at hand 24/7 is superb and as yet not had a single query they were not able to answer almost immediately. I do think it would be helpful to add the facility to attach files/screenshots directly into the chat window, but it's a very minor inconvenience to email separately with this info and it's picked up straight away by the person you're chatting with. All in all, a great service and a primary reason why I choose GreenGeeks :)
Nick V Rocks, March 15, 2014
By Dolores of from Belmont, MA

I need a program that is extremely user friendly as I am very limited in my experience with website building. The premium press website builder was referred to me by someone who is a true IT geek and knows what he is doing. I have had some bumps in the road getting it set up, but with the help of your phenomenal rep, Nick V, I was able to take my first humble steps. thanks so much, Nick V. this guy deserves an applause.
My Blog Difficulties, March 14, 2014
By Anna Harris of from Broaddus, TX

After adding on a domain, I was having difficulties getting that site out of the WordPress directory. I read the directions over and over and tried what I thought it all meant, but had no luck. David was able to assist me to get this accomplished. Newbies who really don't know what they're doing must really test the patience of support, and I appreciate David's kindness and patience with me to resolve this issue.
Ugo S - Excellent/Thank You-Merci, March 13, 2014
By Gul R. Rahman of from Geneva, Switzerland

We are a Switzerland based business and have recently migrated to GreenGeeks. We have had several issues with our migration and one person who has stood out in helping us resolve it is Ugo S. Instead of us telling us things which most non-technical people do not understand, he did it for us. A big thank you from all us in Switzerland to Ugo. He saved GreenGeeks one client company. A happy customer!
Great host giving you green concsience, March 12, 2014
By Arnvid Aakre of from Bergen, Norway

Have built websites since 1994 and have had many host companies. During these twenty years I have found out that all hosts got their minuses and plus. So I'm sure GreenGeeks got their faults as well, but after some years with GreenGeeks I have not been able to find any major problems. All my previous hosting companies has tried to get me to recommend them - but GreenGeeks is the first host I openly can recommend. Here I selected GreenGeeks because they are green - so I would have been happy if they had been a standard host. Fact is that GreenGeeks are not only a green host - they are a great host as well, and green & great is just a splendid combination.
Vance K is the best assistant I have had!!!, March 11, 2014
By martin of from dallas tx

She/He is the best of the best
Green Geeks - best support you can get, March 11, 2014
By Rita Zappitelli of from Niagara Falls, Canada

So glad I chose Green Geeks for hosting. Every time I had an issue, got support asap and real answers. Considering what you'd pay for a web developer, GG is a bargain and proves anyone (even someone like me with 101 skills) can build their own site plus get reliable and affordable hosting. Thanks!
Great services Greengeeks , March 08, 2014
By Rakesh Kumar of from India

I came to Greengeeks after leaving 6 hosting services due to pathetic services. Greengeeks people are providing great services special thanks to David R.,Please keep it up.
Chat is always available!, March 01, 2014
By Ted Barnett of from Rush, NY

As a newbie, I have found the ability to chat with the pleasant assistants to be a major plus. So far, they have always pointed me to the right tutorial or document to get the job done. I also really like c-panel (although I still have a lot to learn). Keep up the good work!
Great Service!, February 28, 2014
By Michael Knoll of from Delray BEach, FL

Every time I chat with a representative online or talk with them they always have given me the answer I'm looking for and are quick to respond. When I submit a ticket they are quick resolve any issue. I'm completely happy with GreenGeeks and the service they provide.
My Impression, February 27, 2014
By Zachary of from Virginia

I was really writing this review to comment on your live chat. I have been trying to fix my issue with a plugin for over two days when I finally decided to contact your company. I was surprised by how fast I got into contact with someone. I was equally amazed when after hearing the problem, they gave me step by step instructions to fix it. They even helped me to find the specific file and delete it. I can't thank your team enough and will definitely come here first with all my issues!
Best service you can get., February 24, 2014
By David L. of from Montreal, Qc, Canada

Helpful, efficient and quick responding team. Ecology is a bonus. A good choice is you are looking for a new host.
They saved us from a big phishing problem, February 24, 2014
By Ludwig Arcache of from Kesrwan, Lebanon

As a web design company, we have been attacked by a phishing malware, that spread into many of our websites, GreenGeeks technical support detected at the very early stage the problem and they cooperate with us on a very short response time to end this problem the soonest possible.
Green , February 23, 2014
By Sarah Bella of from

Before writing this review I have told a lot of friends that the tech support at Green Geeks is awesome. And you all just showed me how awesome you are by helping me restore my back up yet again when you could have charged me. My daughter's school site is hosted by Blue Host and the principal said it was down for weeks because no one could find who the invoice was sent to for billing, it was a school parent. There was now phone support, and tickets were returned within 48 hours!!!! I can't imagine. I love you guys!!!
George really helped me out, February 20, 2014
By Cole Miller of from Wyoming

Very grateful to George for helping me get my site back up and running. I'm totally untechnical and screwed some things up. He fixed it in a jiffy and I'm thrilled with you guy's service. Thanks, George, for making my life easier!
Fast and Efficient, February 19, 2014
By Sandra M of from Canada

Today I faced with a complicated issue with one of our client's sites. After my unsuccessful attempt to do it under lead of one of tech support guys, he took it over upon my request and did it within 1 minute. I really appreciate professionalism and patience that support personnel are showing every time I need their help. Guys, you really rock! Thank you!
Reliable Email Service, February 19, 2014
By of from AU

Green Geeks, We are a reseller of yours who offer web hosting and email hosting to our web design customers. Your IMAP/POP email hosting service has been extremely reliable and gave us so much peace of mind ever since we joined you. I think your system is well administered by a great experts as your name says Geeks. My advice to you is please continue to offer the great service the way it is now without changing things around for bad. Thank You ServePoint
Your Support is Better than ANYONE else, February 16, 2014
By Jason Snow of from Florida, USA

I was in a crisis and having to move from one VPS to another. Of course, this happens while I have no internet other than a local coffee shop, on a Sunday and I can't wait 24 hours for a migration. In less than 12 hours, your support team was able to walk me through setting up a new VPS on your system (easier than expected) and then walked me through everything from SSH file upload to setting up the new DB to talking me off the ledge while sitting in my car in front of a closed coffee shop still pulling wifi at midnight. Without your 24/7 approach to customer service, I would still be waiting for 'those other guys' to get back to me. Thank you especially to George and Vance - you guys rock
Great Service, February 15, 2014
By Daron G. of from Indianapolis, Indiana

I have been a customer of Green Geeks since 2009 and I absolutely love their service. Their support team and response time is top notch. When any issue arises they are right on it and they have been very helpful as my company has grown. I have grown from having 1 client to hosting over 20+ websites and continue to grow. Green Geeks will be the only company that I use. Keep up the outstanding work!
George. online chat, February 14, 2014
By Darius of from Lithuania, Europe

you have a superb employee George. you should give him a promotion.
You are the best!, February 13, 2014
By Artur of from Warsaw, Poland

The best online support in the whole hosting world :)
Fantastic technical support!, February 11, 2014
By Terri of from Asheville, NC

I've always been happy with the technical support that I've received from Green Geeks but was even more impressed to learn that they had prevented an attempted hack of my website. They were not only there to prevent this problem but also were there to guide me through their recommendations to strengthen my security. That's really important to me.
Great service, February 10, 2014
By Leon Janzen of from Canada

Whenever I chat about an issue on my server, the tech support is fast, knowledgeable, and can even give me details about what exactly happened and how I can avoid problems in the future. They're a pleasure to work with.
galvin rocks, February 07, 2014
By mike prachar of from roseville, ca

galvin rocks! i'm not a huge fan of your cpanel action, but your staff more than make up for it and Galvin did an excellent job.
Tech Support Review, February 07, 2014
By Lary of from Fort Mill, SC

I want to give a big THANK YOU to all the support staff at GreenGeek's. I have been working with websites since the Internet's inception in the early 90s when there were no websites to view except for "Heavens Gate". Needless to say I have had many host providers both as a client and as a reseller. I must say that your support has been exemplary. Your support far exceeds all my previous host providers, and there are many of them. To me, you have demonstrated true professionalism, competency, timely and reliable responses and a true willingness to resolve my issues. For the GreenGeek's support staff, I give a big "THUMBS UP"! Adventure Sporting Goods
Amazing, February 06, 2014
By Kevin of from Hamilton, ON, Canada

Every time I have a problem, I'm confident that clicking "LIVE CHAT" will provide a solution, especially when I have people like Ugo helping me.
quickly, February 04, 2014

The customer care is really quick and kind. It's a pleaseure to work with people like you.
Outstanding Customer Service, February 04, 2014
By Kevin of from Courtenay, BC, Canada

I'm always pleased when dealing with anyone from the GreenGeeks customer service team. They are always pleasant, knowledgeable and quick to resolve any issues I have and answer any questions. Going with Greekgeeks is a choice I know I will never regret!
Amateurs can be happy here, February 03, 2014
By Kristen of from New York, NY USA

Whenever I've had a technical support issue that Green Geeks can help me out with, they've been responsive, kind, and easy to deal with. I'm no pro at this stuff, so it's all a bit foreign and can be daunting. I appreciate their approach in making my life easier so I can keep going on what I do best.
Support supports, January 30, 2014
By Jeff Underhill of from Seoul, Korea

The GreenGeeks support is highly-competent, timely, and dedicated. How do you do it?!
Great features and service, January 28, 2014
By Paul Adamson of from Vancouver

Just getting started with GreenGeeks. Everything is top notch except my slow speed at absorbing new knowledge. The support staff are very helpful at getting me back on track when I need it. No issues at all with GG software or services. Highly recommended.
I'm no server admin, January 27, 2014
By Jim of from Chicago IL

I'm a geek at heart but I am no server admin. I appreciate the support staff at Green Geeks as they work hard to to solve my problem but also to educate me so I understand what is going on. That still doesn't turn me into an admin but it sure makes me more comfortable. It feels more like a partnership than a purchased commodity.
Awesome Support, January 23, 2014
By Brian G of from Philadelphia, PA

I've been a GreenGeeks user for about three years now. Any time I've ever had a problem (which has been extremely rare), I've been able to hop on live chat support and get the issue resolved within minutes. Michael C. was pleasant and professional and solved my most recent issue without any delay. Top notch!

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