7 Key Website Marketing Metrics We’re Thankful For

marketing metrics

The data collected from the website is how many people build strong strategies for future improvements. Through a variety of metrics, you can determine how to engage those visitors and turn curiosity clicks into lead generation. However, not all metrics are as useful as other forms of data. What one person may deem as a necessary point of information, someone else may find useless. Continue reading

4 Strategic Reasons Why You Should Place Online Consumer Reviews on Your Website

online consumer reviews

Displaying online consumer reviews on the website can help strengthen the business. It’s a platform that gives virtually anyone a voice to express their experiences. Regardless if these reviews are good or bad, putting them out in the open demonstrates that your organization values communication. Although some business owners may be intimidated by the fact of meeting negative comments head on, reviews from previous customers can prove to be greatly beneficial in any context. As we discussed in a recent article about 7 actionable ways to increase web conversion rates, customer reviews inspire people to spend money and boost the reputation of your brand. The following are four strategic reasons why and how these reviews play such an integral role in the future of the company. Continue reading

5 Crucial Facts That Will Make Us Act on Climate Change in 2016

climate change 2016

Complacency is easier than action, but according to experts at NASA, the Pentagon and the Department of Agriculture, complacency is no longer an option in regard to climate change. The actual effects of a warming planet are already validating some of the scientific community’s direst forecasts. With Earth Day quickly approaching on April 22, we should make 2016 the year for confronting manmade climate change head on.

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