7 Can’t Miss Website Marketing Tools For Your Online Business

website marketing tools

One of the reasons why many businesses will fail within four years is because of poor marketing. Keeping a business afloat in the 21st century is much different than it was before. Today, the Internet plays a prominent role in consumer interaction. It is this reason why your website needs to have instruments for marketing. Here are seven can’t miss tools that can boost your online business. Continue reading

The 7 Worst Website Design Ideas for Business

website design ideas for business

Your online appearance is just as vital to success as your real-life interactions. Think of little virtual people coming to visit the digital representation of your business. Would they feel invited or be repulsed by what they see online? The overall look of your site can play a dominant role in whether someone decides to continue reading or move on. We recently posted an article on shockingly simple design changes that can make or break your website success.┬áHere are seven of the worst website design ideas for business you shouldn’t consider. Continue reading