WordCamp Managua 2019

WordCamp Managua 2019

GreenGeeks Web Hosting is happy to announce the sponsorship of WordCamp Managua 2019. This WordPress event is held at Innovation Center | Zamora Teran Foundation on May 24th and 25th.

For tickets, speaker and conference info, visit the WordCamp website for Managua.

Our very own Marco Berrocal will be present in Nicaragua. Go find him and take a picture! Post it on Twitter and tag #GoGreen, @GreenGeeks & @MarcoBL10.

We’ll tweet along with you!

GreenGeeks Web Hosting está muy contenta en anunciarles su patrocinio del WordCamp Managua 2019.

WordCamp Managua Nicaragua

Fun Facts About Nicaragua

Did you know Nicaragua has two coasts to which both border a different ocean? It’s one of the few countries where you could visit the Pacific and Atlantic in a single day.

The Nicaraguan government runs under a unitary presidential constitutional republic and has had its current constitution in place since 1987.

Tourism runs high in Nicaragua. For the past decade, each year tourism has grown around 10% annually. Travelers come to enjoy the beaches, the beautiful city architecture and the great outdoors.

Looking for a Bit to Eat While at WordCamp Managua 2019?

If you’re hungry and are looking for some local foods, I have a few suggestions! Although I’ve never been to Nicaragua, I do have a passion for food, and making sure other campers have a great meal is very important!

For those of you traveling to Managua, I recommend the following delicious meals. Gallo Pinto is a quick and easy to find dish made of rice, beans and onions.

Desayuno Nica comprises of eggs (scrambled usually), diced onions, peppers, fried plantains, gallo pinto, a tortilla and all the fixings you’d expect on a dish like that.

Last but not least, Nacatamales. Which you can find either in my tummy or out on the town in Managua. These are usually filled with pork, sliced potato and yerba beuna. This is the Nicaraguan take on the Mexican tamale and likely the dish I would order the most.

Wrapping Up

On behalf of the GreenGeeks team, I want to thank the Managua WordCamp team who has worked so hard to get this awesome camp going. You are all so appreciated and we are so very happy to be working with you all.

Thank you for your time and effort in this event. We look forward to seeing all the amazing memories to come from the event!

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WordCamp Calgary 2019 – Recap

WordCamp Calgary 2019

In 1875, Fort Calgary was established along the junction of the Bow and Elbow rivers. It was a garrison and symbol of the growing reach of Federal Law Enforcement in Canada. This weekend, it served as the location for the 7th anniversary of WordCamp Calgary!

Zero Day

Our adventure begins May 9th by the end of the Solar Canada conference to carry the torch on renewable-energy based web hosting to WordCamp YYC.

We start at the Suncor Energy Centre. It’s an ambitious business project in the heart of downtown Calgary and home to a variety of local energy concerns. It was also the pick-up location of our signature swag.

With a few minutes to spare post check-in and the swag safely stowed, there was some wandering to be done. With little time to spare, yet so much to see, one sculpture by Jaume Plensa outside the Bow Building had us turning our heads.

Jaume Plensa Sculpture

Jaume Plensa Sculpture Close
Outside the Bow Building

Afterwards, we were off to meet our gracious hosts at Cibo Calgary on 17th Avenue. Good pizza with better company, it was a wonderful opportunity to meet those making this weekend happen.

The Camp

WordCamp in Calgary this year was extra special. While it’s always a pleasure meeting new people, we’ve had the joy of meeting quite a few of our existing clients at this event.

Despite being a digital company, we value the opportunity to connect with our customers face-to-face.

After setting up our table, we engaged with the incredible community.

Calgary Swag

Whether it’s WordCamp US or WordCamp Calgary, the organizers, speakers, attendees, caterers and venue staff complete the experience. For those just starting out, it’s a wealth of information. And for those seasoned professionals, it’s a place to connect with peers.

No matter what level you’re at, there’s likely a camp near you with like-minded individuals committed to helping the community grow.

WordCamp Detroit 2019

WordCamp Detroit 2019

GreenGeeks Web Hosting is proud to be a sponsor of WordCamp Detroit 2019, which is a one day conference that will be held at Cass Tech High School.

For information regarding the camp location, tickets, parking and other info, please check the WordCamp site.

Our very own Trey Gardner (CEO) is going to be attending WordCamp Detroit 2019. If you see him, ask for a selfie and post it on Twitter. We’ll play a little game if we can get enough Tweets! Tag #GoGreen and mention @GreenGeeks.

I have never attended WordCamp Detroit. I would love to do so, but have yet to have the opportunity. However, I’ve heard wonderful things about this camp.

Have you ever been to WordCamp Detroit? If so, shoot us a mention and tell us about your experience, what you liked best, what did you not like and what you think new attendees should be most cognizant of while attending this camp.

Facts, Food and Fun

In Detroit, there are many, many things to enjoy. For instance, Belle Isle Conservancy has several different attractions that bring tourists from all over the place. What about a guided tour at the Detroit Masonic Temple? Or even check out Officers’ Row at Fort Wayne!

The options for activity and fun in Detroit is abundant, so get out there and show us what you did at WordCamp Detroit 2019!

Looking for a bite to eat? Rose’s Fine Food is an updated take of an old-school diner. Sister Pie is a bakery with a fresh rotation of baked goodies each month. WPVegan is usually a thing at most camps that myself and Dwayne McDaniel attend.

I’m not sure that Dwayne will be attending, but I know this spot called Detroit Vegan Soul. I definitely recommend going there and posting “#WPVegan” on Twitter or better yet, invite Dwayne or some of the attendees and keep WPVegan going!

Enjoy WordCamp Detroit 2019!

I’m super excited for all of you who are attending WordCamp Detroit this weekend. Have all the fun you possibly can and make sure to come prepared to learn amazing WordPress things that will change your life!

Thank you to the volunteers, organizers, speakers and sponsors. These camps aren’t the easiest to put together and take hundreds to thousands of hours at a time…

Give those peeps a shout-out and let them know we appreciate them.

Thank you!