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We have been working hard over the past few months to bring our customers new partnerships with software that compliments our hosting well. We only partner with people we strongly believe provide the same level of customer service that we do. One of our latest partners is a service called SiteLock. Security has always been our top priority here at GreenGeeks, and we do everything in our power to provide top server security to our customers. SiteLock adds an additional layer of security to your site that is unparalleled by any other service.

As soon as I heard about this service, I had to try it our for myself. I loaded it on to one of my sites hosted by us. Signup was a breeze and I was all set in under 3 minutes. With my GreenGeeks membership, I received almost an 80% discount on the service, what a great deal! The service will begin in minutes and will do a complete 360 scan of your site. It checks for things like:

  • Scanning industry-leading lists of known spammers and verifies that your site is not listed. This will ensure your e-mails reach your customer’s in-box (not their spam filter).
  • Searching your site for malware and listed which files are infected (if any)
  • SQL Injection scan
  • Cross scan scripting vulnerabilities
  • and much more!

After SiteLock finishes its scans, it will give you an advisory report for items that may not pose a current risk, but are worth looking into. This is great for keeping your site software up to date and secure. SiteLock performs this incredibly in depth scan every 24 hours to ensure your site is always secure and visible to your customers. You receive a SiteLock seal so that your customers know they are safe in browsing and buying products from your site. The service provides a proactive approach to security, and GreenGeeks highly recommends this addon for those looking to completely secure their sites.

SiteLock works so great, even we use it. Check the bottom of our website!

To order SiteLock, please click here. If you have any questions about the service, feel free to contact us.

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