12 Ways To Build a Landing Page That Converts

E-commerce will give your small business an opportunity to attain more customers. Participating in the virtual economy can help increase your annual business revenue dramatically. This is the primary reason why many business and economic experts encourage small business owners to create a website.

Creating an impressive website is the first step towards having success on the internet. Studies show that a poorly designed website is one of the main reasons why many small business owners fail to succeed with their online endeavors. An impressive website will capture the attention of your potential customers. It will also convince them to purchase your goods or services.

You should always consider using a landing page to make first contact with your prospects. A landing page is designed to help you capture the name and email address of your prospects or have them convert in any other action possible such as going to an intended page, purchasing a product or clicking a specific link. Capturing this vital information can help you build a solid relationship with your customers. Statistics show that less than 20% percent of your prospects will make a purchase during the first visit to your site. A landing page can help you market your products and services to your prospects over a period of time. This will increase your chances of making a sale.

It is critical that you keep a few concepts in mind when it comes time to build a landing page. The twelve tips listed below can help you create an effective landing page. These tips can also help you gain a significant edge over your competitors.

1. Headline

Your headline will be the first thing the prospect sees. The headline should contain a strong message and sales hook. A poorly written headline will hinder your page’s attempt at getting the potential customer’s contact information.

The headline should have large fonts. It should also be written in bright colors. Red and yellow have provided the best results for many years.

2. Short Form Contact Information

Your landing page should only concentrate on capturing the prospective customer’s name and email address. It would be a grave mistake for you to make an attempt at getting your prospect’s telephone number. Many of your prospects will not be comfortable in giving your telephone number. Landing pages asking for telephone numbers are well-known for having poor conversion rates.

3. Study Your Competitor’s Copy

Studying your competitors copy will give you an opportunity to capture a larger portion of your market. Your competitors’ sales copy may contain some vital details that can help increase the conversion rate for your landing page. Analyzing at least thirty landing pages in your niche can help you develop new and fresh ideas if your landing page does not have a high conversion rate.

4. Excessive Graphics

Many small business owners make the mistake of having excessive graphics on their landing page. Excessive graphics can distract your visitors once they have arrived at your landing page. Your landing page should not contain excessive graphics. It should only contain a sharp marketing message.

5. Short Copy

You should avoid using long sales copy on your landing page. Your prospects will be turned off if they are forced to read long sales copy. Long sales copy will only test the patience of your prospects. It will also lead to poor conversion rates. Your message should be short and sweet.

6. Pure Urgency

Smart marketers understand the importance of using their landing pages to create pure urgency. Pure urgency can help increase your conversion rate dramatically. Bold statements revolving around a time limit will work wonders for your landing page. Take a close look at the three examples listed below:

  • Limited Time Only!
  • This Offer Will Not Last Long!
  • Only a Few Customers Will Qualify for This Special Offer!

7. Make a Clear Point

Your landing page should make a clear point once the prospect arrives. Your headline and sub line should only contain a few words. They should also inform the prospect about the benefits of doing business with your company.

8. Error Free

Your landing page should be error free. Landing pages containing errors are notorious for hurting small businesses. You should hire a proofreader to examine your landing page. He or she will be able to make pinpoint and correct errors on your page. Exceptional proofreaders can be found in many top freelance websites.

9. Bullet Points

It is imperative for you to use bullet points on your landing page. Bullet points will make it easier for your visitors to understand your message and offer. A good landing page will contain anywhere from four to six short bullet points. The bullet points should be placed below your headline. Each bullet point should contain convey an effective message.

10. Call to Action

You should place a call to action on your landing page. Your call to action should encourage your visitors to leave their name an email address. An effective call to action revolves around commanding the action of your prospect. It tells them what to do!

11. Testing

Testing is the key to having success with your landing pages. Setting up a few landing pages will help you determine what will work in your business niche. You should make adjustments and changes to your pages periodically. Testing will help you create a winning landing page.

12. Free Offer

The main objective of your landing page is to capture your prospect’s name and email address. A free offer can help you get your prospect’s information. Internet surfers are more responsive to landing pages that are associated with free offers. Your free offer can be a video, report, or short eBook. Your free offer can also be an audio.

BONUS: Relevancy 

You should make certain that your landing page is relevant to your company’s offer. Your landing page should be associated with your company’s niche. A targeted landing page will help you achieve more success.

Participating in the virtual economy will give you a chance to secure thousands of new customers. Having a solid landing page is the key to increasing your online revenue. Following the tips listed above can help you build a landing page that will increase your online earnings.

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