3 Easy Steps to Create a Short URL for Your WordPress Blog


Creating a short URL comes with a myriad of benefits, and you must be familiar with the practice if you are going to maximize the viability of your website. A short URL can give you a marketable commodity as well as a redirect for many monetization opportunities. Here are the easy steps to create a short URL for your website that will last a lifetime.

1. Make the purchase of the actual short URL

No matter if you believe that your URL is short enough, there is always a way to make it shorter. Shorter URLs are well-known to increase the conversion rates of a website among new potential customers.

Because many of the good, short keywords have already been taken in the marketplace, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to have a short URL that actually applies to your company. This process will change all of that.

Short URLs expand your options for a URL that is easy to remember by relieving you of the need for a suffix. There are many places online to browse the available short URLs; however, one of the best places to look for a short domain is at domainr.com.

You’ll have access to many different tools on this page that will help you to find a unique short URL that will work for your company.


One of the most effective tools is the domain extension finder on the website; a tool that will give you many ways to organize your URL based upon the keyword that you type in.

You will be able to register it from the registrar of your choice. You’ll also end up having a short URL that is below 15 characters, incredibly easy to remember and simple to deploy.

2. Go to bitly and make a custom domain

There are many different aspects to employing a short URL that may be beyond the financial scope of an individual or a small company. Fortunately, bitly takes care of many of these things for you.

Even better for many businesses, these services are completely free from bitly.com.

Your first step is to sign up for a bitly account. After you set up the account, you will be able to find the listing for “Settings” under the drop down menu to your username. When you are on the “Settings” tab, you should use the “Advanced” tab in order to complete the process.


3. Set a record inside of bitly to point to your short URL

You will now set up a DNS host or a record that will point directly to your IP address. You may have to set a CNAME record in order to complete the process depending on the registrar that you choose.

It may take up to two days for a short URL to point to your other properties online. However, the wait is worth the effort if it boosts engagement and improves traffic.

When the process is complete, you will be able to type in your short URL and get to your original web page.

Custom Branding in WordPress

Of course, you can always put in the effort to create a custom branded URL in WordPress using bitly tools. All it really takes is setting up a bitly account and installing a plugin in WordPress.

The end result is a shorter URL you have control over directly from your admin panel.

Shorter URLs Work

The less time someone has to think of the URL when typing it into the address bar, the better. You want something that is quick and easy to remember. It’ll also help when sharing content especially on platforms like Twitter which restrict the number of characters you can use.

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