5 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins

wordpress contact form plugins

Adding a contact form to your site has potential to increase leads. Regardless of the type of business you operate, offering a way to contact you is paramount.

In fact, eCommerce sites often generate more sales simply because the option is available to contact the company directly. This is because it inspires trust within the consumer.

Whatever your reasons, adding them to WordPress is quite a simple process. It’s finding the best plugins for your needs that can pose a challenge.

Here are five of the best WordPress contact form plugins available. Pay close attention to the versatility of number one.

1. Contact Form by WPForms


WPForms is perhaps one of the most versatile WordPress contact form plugins available. Start with an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface and end with pre-built themes and you have a system that allows you to create forms quickly.

There is no need to hire a programmer to help you build customized forms directly into your website.

An important aspect to consider is that WPForms is SEO and mobile friendly while being optimized for speed. Because a large portion of people will abandon a website if it takes longer than three seconds to load, you need a solution that is quick. This doesn’t even include the high degree of customization and extensions of the plugin itself.

2. Contact Form Builder

Contact Form Builder

Contact Form Builder includes 10 templates to help you get started and a variety of elements to customize. This means you can create exactly what you need for visitors to get in touch with the business.

It also comes with spam prevention such as blocking specific IP addresses and verifying certain words used in the form.

This plugin provides the Google ReCaptcha platform, which means you’ll need a Google account to enable this security feature. And it also provides Google Maps integration so visitors know where you are located.

3. Contact Bank

Contact Bank

Contact Bank is one that has several built-in tools that could be useful, as long as you have the money. This plugin boasts to have more than 200 features through the paid premium version.

Otherwise, you can benefit from using shortcodes on your site for customized contact forms with an unlimited number of entries.

Available in more than 35 languages, it has a great deal of versatility when it comes to a global market. One thing to note is that this plugin could seem overwhelming at first as you have so many fields for customization.

For the beginner users, it may be more difficult to manage.

4. Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms is perhaps among the most popular plugins for creating forms of any kind. You have no limitations on how many you can build, a variety of customization options and AJAX form submission to streamline the site.

As with many other form builders for WordPress, this plugin comes with anti-spam options such as Google ReCaptcha.

For ease of use, Ninja Forms comes with a drag-and-drop interface to allow a quick and easy way to create the perfect layout. You can also customize fields and save them to use at a later date.

5. Contact Form 7

contact form to email

And last, but certainly not least, you can use Contact Form 7. This is one of the most actively installed plugins for WordPress in general. With over five million users, It’s easily among the top of the list.

Contact Form 7 comes with Akismet support and Google ReCaptcha for anti-spam features.

But perhaps one of its more endearing features is the capacity for integration. As Contact Form 7 is so popular, many third-party plugin developers put in the effort to make sure it works with their own system. This gives it incredible flexibility for various purposes.

Finding These and Other Forms in WordPress

find plugins

To add one of these plugins or others like them, select “Plugins” from the WordPress control panel. Select the “Add New” option. In the text field on the right, type in “contact forms” and press enter on your keyboard.

You can also input the name of the above forms in this field, such as typing in “WPForms,” to find them faster. Once you find the plugin you want, simply click “Install Now” and activate it.

It’s Easy to Add a Contact Form to WordPress

You don’t need to have extensive HTML skills in order to implement forms on your website. All it takes is the right plugin. Take WPForms, for example. You can quickly build the form you need with a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Take the work out of setting up your own contact form and reap the benefits. You’ll never know just how much it will impact your business whether someone actually uses it or not.

What kind of methods do you have on your website for contact? What other kinds of ways could you use a form?

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  1. Always used contact form 7 but it’s all of a sudden become a bit of a pain to use, so have recently started using WPForms and I have to say is pretty dam good!

    Simple, easy and some great features

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