Here are 28 of the Best WordPress Video Themes For Your Site

Best WordPress Video Themes

Video marketing is one of the most potent platforms for engaging people on the Internet. Statistically speaking, it is believed that online video will make up for approximately 74 percent of the traffic on the Internet in 2017. If you want to capitalize on this media, you’ll need the best WordPress video themes to engage your traffic.

What does this mean for your website? Quite a bit, actually. There is a reason why sites like YouTube displays millions of hours of content on a daily basis. I’m not saying that you need to turn your website into a video production platform, but it will help to use video themes for WordPress. Continue reading “Here are 28 of the Best WordPress Video Themes For Your Site”

Our Scalable Hosting Platform

Early last month, we announced that we made improvements to our hosting service by revamping our shared hosting platform to increase performance, reliability and scalability.  These improvements were put in place to lay the ground work for many things to come as we are investing heavily in making our hosting the best there is.

Our vision as a hosting provider is to allow our customer to focus on deploying, managing and growing their websites without having to worry about the underlying technology. The hosting platform should just work. We like to refer to this ideology as “HaaS” (hosting-as-a-service). We are moving towards a more streamlined hosting experience for our customers.

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Here are the 27 Essential WordPress Plugins You Need On Your Site

Essential WordPress Plugins

Plugins are the tools that boost the functionality and performance of any WordPress website. They can do everything from improving your ability to create content to protecting the site from the malicious attacks of hackers. With more than 45,000 of these tools to choose from, which are considered the best WordPress plugins? Continue reading “Here are the 27 Essential WordPress Plugins You Need On Your Site”

Here are 11 of the Worst Mobile SEO Mistakes Even the Best Marketers Make

SEO Mistakes

Search engine optimization has evolved quite a bit since the development of the first result page. As the years go by, it’s often difficult to keep a handle on all the different algorithm changes and procedures. However, there are a handful of common SEO mistakes that even the best of us make.

On average, people use mobile devices on the Internet more often than desktop computers. Because of the nature behind smartphones and tablets, optimization needs to be tweaked to accommodate those users.

Even though good web hosting platforms can solve a lot of performance issues when it comes to SEO, the bulk of develop still relies on the developer. A wicked fast server means nothing if the web designer implements poor optimization practices. Continue reading “Here are 11 of the Worst Mobile SEO Mistakes Even the Best Marketers Make”

GreenGeeks Revamps Shared Hosting Platform to Increase Performance, Reliability & Scalability

GreenGeeks is always striving to ensure that our customers are getting the best web hosting experience possible, from the latest technologies to the best customer service. We wake up every day, constantly thinking of new ideas and speaking to our customers to hear about their needs. We then work hard to deliver.

Today, I’m excited to announce a few improvements that we’ve made to our hosting platform, as we work towards our goal of providing next-generation web hosting services.

These improvements are the initial stages of our plan to provide powerful web hosting solutions that will simplify the way our customers deploy and manage websites.

Here they are…

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13 Brilliant Strategies that will Increase your Online Sales

Increase Online Sales

In today’s Internet-driven world, online sales are just as vital to a company as real-life sales. In many instances, businesses will actually make more money selling goods from a website than they will from walk-in customers.

When you consider that almost one-third of people in the United States shop online every week, that’s a lot of money your digital store may be missing.

So, what can be done to increase online sales? Can a small business make waves in the digital ocean of commerce? I’ve seen the smallest single-person idea from a garage grow to a multi-chain network across the United States all from online sales.

Yes, I can see someone succeeding in cyberspace when it comes to sales. Once you invest in great web hosting, it all becomes a matter of effort to drive success. Continue reading “13 Brilliant Strategies that will Increase your Online Sales”