Budweiser Is Brewing Beer With Wind Energy

Wind Energy

Budweiser is now using wind energy to power its breweries and other facilities. That’s right; your next six-pack will be brewed using wind power. This new wind farm is known as the Thunder Ranch.

This should come as little surprise if you watched the Super Bowl back in February. They had a very clear commercial that showed the Budweiser wagon traversing a wind farm.

However, this was not an overnight decision and planning started back in 2017.

Why The Switch To Wind

Going Green has a host of advantages for any company. Not only do customers want companies to go green, but now even investors do as well. In one move, a company can gain support from every angle. And that is exactly what is happening for Budweiser.

On top of a better public image, there are financial benefits.

Wait, I thought companies don’t embrace renewable energy because it is more expensive.

That is completely incorrect. Renewable energy is now cheaper than traditional fossil fuel sources.

For example, over the next decade, power companies are likely to increase the price of energy. While most residents won’t notice the increase, businesses do. However, this price hike won’t affect a company that controls its own power, like Budweiser.

These Kind of Deals are Great for Wind Farms

While wind farms have a proven track record for success, they are struggling to gain ground. Many companies are still hesitant to embrace renewable energy.

Without these types of large scale contracts, the industry would not have the necessary money to continue. These contracts inject the funds necessary to invest in and expand wind energy for multiple years.

In this case, Budweiser signed a 15-year contract that purchased just about half of the energy produced at Thunder Ranch.

One Of Many


Budweiser is one of many companies that are moving towards going green. In particular, most tech companies like Apple and Microsoft have been taking major steps to lower emissions.

In a like-minded move, other companies like Adidas are working to make their products more friendly to the environment in other ways. If you want to see other companies follow suit, be sure to let them know.

It really does make a difference.

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