5 Power Tips for Growing Your Customer Base

grow your customer base

A common challenge that many small businesses face is getting more customers. It’s important to grow your customer base because a strong customer base is a more dependable source of sales than trying to acquire sales through first time customers. Over time, you’ll be able to rely on your customer base for your income if you nurture the relationship with your customers and deliver on your products/services. But how do you go about getting more customers in the first place? Here are five power tips that any business owner can use regardless of their budget. Continue reading “5 Power Tips for Growing Your Customer Base”

4 Solid Reasons Why Your Small Business Website Should Be Mobile-Friendly

Responsive Website

Smart devices have made a serious impact in how people view the Internet. In fact, a large portion of people haven’t opened a phone book in the past several years. When I need a phone number for a local business, I Google it. Because smart technology has evolved into what it is today, it’s vastly important that your business becomes mobile-friendly. Without having a website that is capable of adjusting to smaller screen resolutions, you could be inadvertently hurting your business. Continue reading “4 Solid Reasons Why Your Small Business Website Should Be Mobile-Friendly”

7 Compelling Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Going Green Now

business going green

A business going green benefits not only the environment but also the company’s own bottom line. If you haven’t taken steps to make your business greener, you are missing out on a key strategy for growth. You may believe that going green is just another short-lived trend or that your business is too small to make a difference. However, in a world striving for sustainability, going green means staying competitive.

You need not spend a ton on greening your company. You can easily get started with measures as small as placing recycling bins in your break room. In any case, don’t procrastinate. To keep pace with your customers and your industry, start going green now. Following are seven compelling reasons to join the green crusade. Continue reading “7 Compelling Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Going Green Now”