Christmas Tree

Cut Down This Year’s Christmas Tree At A National Park

It’s that time of the year again, but instead of purchasing an artificial Christmas tree, consider cutting down your own tree at a national park. It helps reduce tree clutter and it can be a fun family activity, just make sure you can transport it home.

However, before you get your axe and take a ride, you are going to need a permit. Luckily, the permit can be obtained online at And the price may surprise you as it’s only $10 dollars. And it’s free for some families with children in the fourth grade.

Not all national parks are participating, so some states may be out of luck. In those cases, buying a tree from a local source is advised.

How Does this Help Forests?

You may be thinking that cutting down trees in a forest is a bad thing, but it actually has many benefits when done responsibly.

For starters, cutting down smaller trees provides more space for the other plants and flora to grow. This is because trees block sunlight from reaching smaller plants. They also absorb more nutrients from the soil.

It is also much easier for smaller trees to catch on fire. As a result, cutting down smaller trees can help prevent massive fires from breaking out.

Make Sure to Recycle Your Christmas Tree


After you are done with your Christmas tree, make sure to recycle it. Most cities and towns provide simple ways to dispose of your tree. However, this can see them end up in landfills.

Make sure you recycle your tree by turning it into mulch or donating it to local wildlife facilities. Many of these trees can help create animal habitats at recovery centers or zoos.

Some cities provide free Christmas tree pickups for these endeavors, so make sure to see what your area offers.

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