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India Suffers From Toxic Smog After Diwali Festival

The Diwali festival, or Festival of Lights, took place on Saturday, November 14th. However, on Sunday, residents awoke to a toxic smog that was 9 times more hazardous than what is considered safe.

You might be wondering what the connection between the toxic smog and the Diwali festival is, and it’s easy to understand. Normally, firecrackers are a part of the festival, but due to the time the festival takes place, they were banned.

However, residents refused to listen.

As a result, a toxic smog ensued. This is because October and November are typically when farmers bun their crops to prepare to plant for the next season. It significantly pollutes the air, and the combination of firecrackers made it even worse.

Why Is India’s Air Quality Terrible?

For years, India has had some of the worst air quality in the world. In fact, 6 out of 10 of the most polluted cities are located within India, but why is it so bad?

Currently, two-thirds of India’s population does not live in cities. And as a result, the vast majority of these households rely on wood-burning and other biomass fuel. The smoke will then travel to nearby cities where it mixes with car exhaust and other air pollutants.

To make matters worse, just the normal levels of pollution from these cities are terrible. Pollutants from industry, car exhaust, constructions, and every other source are off the charts.

As a result, even something as simple as a firecracker is enough to make matters significantly worse.

Covid-19 Concerns

India COVID Concerns

Air pollution shortens the life expectancy of anyone breathing it, while also making them more susceptible to respiratory diseases. And it just so happens, there is a deadly respiratory disease that has infected millions of people around the world.


These conditions may make residents more likely to contract the virus. And according to the latest information, India has already seen well over 8 million cases.

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