Let’s Encrypt Automatic Certificate Installation and Renewal

Last year, we announced that we’re offering Let’s Encrypt Wildcard SSL certificates to our customers to promote a safer Internet. Earlier this year, we became an official sponsor of the Let’s Encrypt project.

Now we want to announce that we have launched our proprietary Let’s Encrypt integration. It’s available to customers on our shared and reseller web hosting platforms.

Some of the features of our integration:

  • One-Click Installer – Fully guided and automated installation process. Never touch a CSR, Private Key, and CRT files again.
  • Wildcard Certificates – E-mail and sub-domains are secured automatically — no need to provision additional certificates.
  • Easy SSL Management – Easily access all of your SSL certificates from your GreenGeeks dashboard, no need to drop into cPanel.
  • Automated Renewal – Our system will automatically determine your renewal date and take care of the renewal for you, eliminating downtime.

For step-by-step instructions on using the automated installation tool, please see Adding Let’s Encrypt SSL to Your GreenGeeks Account.

What Is Let’s Encrypt?

Let’s Encrypt allows you to enable HTTPS on your website free of charge. It is an SSL certificate authority created and maintained for the public benefit by the Internet Security Research Group.

Let’s Encrypt certificates are valid for 90 days. GreenGeeks automatically renews the certificates when that time comes. They do not require the use of a dedicated IP address.

GreenGeeks provides Let’s Encrypt Wildcard SSL certificates. A wildcard certificate covers your domain name as well as any number of subdomains.

For example, https://blog.ggexample.com, https://www.ggexample.com, or https://anything.ggexample.com/ – those URLs are all covered by a single wildcard certificate.

Why You Should Install Let’s Encrypt (or Any SSL Certificate) Today

In 2018 Google started labeling sites that weren’t accessible via HTTPS as “insecure.” That in itself is reason enough to use an SSL certificate.

But Google has also indicated that HTTPS factors into search results ranking. So all other things being equal, a site with an HTTPS URL will rank higher than an HTTP site.

If that’s the case, installing a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate is a quick way to improve your SEO for free.

Finally (thanks mainly to Let’s Encrypt), HTTPS has become the standard. The majority of websites now redirect to HTTPS.

Eventually, an HTTP website URL is going to be seen as not only insecure but old-fashioned. Kind of like <blink> or frames. 😉

SSL/HTTPS is a serious business. That’s why Google has been pushing us toward it for so long and why Let’s Encrypt is offering free certificates.

Show your website visitors that you take their security seriously and install an SSL certificate today.

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