GreenGeeks is now in Canada!

Los Angeles, CA, November 1, 2011 – GreenGeeks, a world leader in providing green energy web hosting solutions has announced today that it has launched its services in Canada.

“For several years now our top tier technical and quality assurance teams have been comprised of American and Canadian personnel” said Trey Gardner, CEO of GreenGeeks. “at the request of our Canadian customers we have established server presence in Canada as well as now accepting Canadian dollars” added Trey.

Its Canadian data center located in Toronto, Ontario and will provide GreenGeeks’ Canadian customers quicker access to their sites along with better SEO opportunities within the Canadian search engines.

GreenGeeks says that it currently is providing its shared hosting packages at $4.95 CAD per month and has plans to expand into reseller, VPS and dedicated server offerings. Customers who sign up for their annual shared hosting plans also receive a free .CA domain registration as part of the package.

“We are excited about this new expansion in our services” said Trey “and we are proud of our accomplishments thus far and we remain vigilant to be one of the best web hosting providers on the internet and certainly the most eco-friendly web host anywhere in the market.”

For more information visit the Canadian GreenGeeks site at

About GreenGeeks.

GreenGeeks provides shared, reseller and dedicated server web hosting as well as domain name registration and domain management. GreenGeeks has offices in Toronto, Chicago and Los Angeles and they service customers in over 40 countries World Wide. Since the start of operations GreenGeeks has been the industry leader in eco-friendly web hosting by making their servers & areas of operation 300% green. For more information visit or

GreenGeeks now utilizing Container-based technology on all servers

GreenGeeks has been providing web hosting for a very long time and our management have been in the industry even longer. We’ve seen our fair share of outages caused mostly by a few customers bringing the server to a grinding halt due to poorly coded web sites, too much traffic and a slew of other reasons sometimes knowingly and sometimes unknowingly… these users are often dubbed as an “abusive user”.

GreenGeeks has coded several systems to prevent a lot of these “outbreaks” from affecting our service, and for the most part the systems have done a great job, however there are certain elements we weren’t able to catch, which did cause slow downs and even service interruptions due to a system coming to a grinding halt. That was then…

Now… we’re happy to announce that we’re running Container-based technology on all of our servers. This technology allows us to isolate each customer into its own “virtual segment”. What this means is that if there is an “abusive user” exceeding its allotted computing resources, their account will be slowed down to prevent service interruption (slow downs, intermittent service, complete outages) to other customers while those not offending the resources will continue to operate as it should.  All of our customers will be able to track their resource usage by clicking the resource usage icon in their cPanel or by viewing the quick stats on the left hand side.

This might scare a few people, but here is what we see. Over 99% of our customer base never comes close to the resource limits. In fact, we’ve given each customer more than what our terms of service allows for. The idea here is to maintain an environment that will allow you to see those bursts in traffic without affecting everyone else. That’s our goal. For those customers who do get slowed down, it’s an indication that you need to either optimize or upgrade to a plan that will be suitable for your resource usage… in other words, you’ve out grown your existing account.

Bottom line: This technology will greatly increase the performance and reliability of our web hosting services by limiting those who are exceeding their fair share of resources. Allowing over 99% of our customer base to enjoy world-class shared hosting service. This technology also gives us the ability to provide a no-pressure upgrade path for customers. You’re given multiple options such as:

  1. Optimize your site to reduce usage
  2. Accept the slow downs during when your site peaks OR
  3. Upgrade to a suitable plan.

GreenGeeks’ April iPad2 Winner Announced!

In April, our marketing team thought of giving away prizes to customers, so we started our first ever iPad 2 Giveaway. Any new customer to purchase a hosting account within the month of April 2011 would have a chance to win an Apple iPad 2 32GB. Who wouldn’t want one of these cool tablets!

Congratulations to Robert Brenner of BoxerLab Media Group, our April 2011 Winner! Robert was nice enough to send us a picture of his brand new iPad 2!

“I signed up for GreenGeeks reseller hosting with the thought of ‘it’s too good to be true’.   The pricing vs. the services offered was an amazing deal.  I signed up and have been using them for all of my client websites ever since.  To say I’m thrilled with their services is an understatement.   Support has been fantastic and the uptime has been superb.   I recommend Green Geeks as the only hosting company you’ll ever need!” – Robert Brenner

We’re giving away another iPad 2 32 GB in June. Learn more about the giveaway.


Accept Credit Cards Online with an Merchant Account!

If you want to accept credit cards online, you will need to set up a credit card merchant account with a reputable firm. There are a lot of merchant account providers out there, however, GreenGeeks has teamed up with e-onlinedata to make it easy for our customers to obtain merchant accounts and use the gateway. will integrate into the shopping carts that we provide, such as OSCommerce, CubeCart, WHMCS, etc.

The offer we’ve got for our customers is something that can’t be beat!

  • NO Annual Fees
  • NO Application Fees
  • NO Address Verification (AVS) Fees
  • NO Leasing
  • NO Termination Penalties
  • 2.19% VISA/MasterCard Qualified Discount Rate
  • $0.25 per Transaction
  • $10.00 Monthly Service Fee (includes Monthly Statement)
  • $25.00 Monthly Processing Minimum
  • Toll Free 24/7 Tech Support and daily Customer Service Support

Get started and start accepting credit cards with your own merchant account today!

“My WordPress Blog Got Hacked!” – Prevent it!

“My WordPress Blog Got Hacked” is something that we as a hosting company hear all the time, which is unfortunate. What’s even more unfortunate is we as the web hosting provider often get blamed for it by our very own customers. I can’t really blame our customers for this either, I guess they just don’t know it can happen — So hopefully, this blog post will help bring some awareness and help prevent their blogs from being hacked.

It’s not uncommon for a WordPress site to get exploited, you’ll often see an image of some pirate or a bunch of statements claiming that you’re a sucker for getting hacked. Doesn’t really look all too professional when your visitors see this. If you feel that you’re the only one out there, you’re not. If you think that WordPress is the wrong CMS to use, that’s not the case. With a proper setup, you could avoid being defaced.

WordPress has put together an entire My WordPress Site was hacked FAQ page, dedicated to help WordPress users prevent their sites from being hacked and for those who have been hacked, preventing it from happening again. Check it out, it will be helpful in preventing your WordPress installation from being exploited.

I do want to point out a part of the FAQ, where it says to check with the hosting provider.

As far as the hosting environment goes, we take security very serious here at GreenGeeks. We have a multitude of security measures in place to prevent a wide-spread type of exploitation of scripts. So you’re safe there. We regularly update our servers, scan them for vulnerabilities and do what we are required to keep our customers safe.  The general rule of thumb for protecting yourself from being exploited is: Always upgrade to the latest version, don’t use unknown plug-ins and keep regular backups.

DrupalCon 2011 Hosting Giveaway Winners Announced!

Last month we were an official sponsor of DrupalCon 2011 Chicago, and a few of us headed out to the windy city to participate.  The conference was a great turn out. Our team met a lot of our customers and a lot of potential new customers who were interested in our green approach to the industry.

Part of our presence there was to give away 10 free drupal hosting accounts to anyone in the Drupal community that let us scan their QR Codes into our Apple iPod Touch, our eco-friendly way of collecting “business cards” for the draw. Today, we have announced our winners and they have been contacted via e-mail to redeem their free web hosting account. Congratulations to those who won and thanks for those who participated and took interest in our company.

Oh, we we also gave out a LOT of candy 🙂

TJ Williams
GreenGeeks / Marketing

GreenGeeks considered a “Good Guy” in the hosting industry!

GreenGeeks recently was considered a “good guy” in the web hosting industry by review site WebHostingSearch, here’s some of what they had to say.

“Everyone working for Green Geeks is extremely customer orientated and it doesn’t take a genius to realize that they love what they’re doing. The support team is always forthcoming and they know what they are talking about. No need to worry here, you will get all the help you need, regardless of issue. Green Geeks is truly one of those providers that push the industry forward with its quality eco-friendly web hosting. And one thing is for sure. They will continue to do so for many years to come. A very good thing indeed.”

You can read the full interview with Trey Gardner at WebHostingSearch!