Poland Spring Water is Switching to Recycled Water Bottles

Recycled Water Bottles

By 2022, all Poland Spring water bottles under one gallon will be made from recycled materials. This news comes straight from Nestle Waters North America in a Monday announcement.

The company has previously made a commitment to use more recycled water bottles and has been doing exactly that. They have multiple products that use recycled bottles to create new ones.

On top of this, the company has also redesigned the shape of their bottles over the years to use less plastic.

Not An Easy Thing To Do

Unfortunately, recycling centers in the United States cannot handle the large amount of plastic they receive. Instead, a lot of the plastic does not get recycled at all.

On top of this, the recycling infrastructure in the US is not great. There is a great disparity on what and how much can be recycled depending on the region you live in.

In the case of water bottles, 70% of them do not get recycled. Instead, they reside in landfills or you can find them floating in the ocean. What’s worse is that water bottles are one of the most abundant single-use plastics in circulation.

Higher Demand

Humans drink a lot of water. As Nestle commits to buying recycled PET, the material the bottles are made out of, this will drive up the demand for the material.

This will make it more profitable for facilities to recycle more water bottles and create more recycling centers in general. It is a very big move for the industry and will certainly help fight back against plastic pollution.

Teaming Up With Other Companies


To make a real impact, the industry as a whole needs to move in this direction, and Nestle understands this concept. The company plans to team up with other companies that sell water bottles like PepsiCo for joint research efforts and agreeing to all use more recycled PET.

Nestle is definitely leading the bottled water market in the right direction, but it’s important to realize you do not have to buy bottled water.  By using refillable containers, you can save money and help prevent plastic pollution.

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