The UK Sets New Two-Week Coal-Free Records


We previously reported that the UK set a one-week coal-free record from May 1st to May 8th, but now they have a new one. Since May 17th, the UK has been completely coal-free, which marks a new two-week record.

The UK has been a world leader in regards to climate change and has goals for phasing out coal plants by 2025. As coal plants have remained offline, nuclear, gas, solar, wind and hydro energy sources have provided the energy.

While this is not zero emissions, it’s a step in the right direction.

Coal Is Slowly Fading

Fading Coal

7 years ago in 2012, coal made up 40% of the UK’s energy generation. Today, it is being phased out for cleaner options. Coal has been one of the cheapest sources of energy available for many countries. But renewable energy sources like solar and wind have become far cheaper.

On top of that, natural gas has risen sharply in popularity. Natural gas is both cheaper and cleaner and has promptly replaced coal in many countries. Although, it still produces greenhouse gases.

For many people, coal has become a symbol of pollution. It produces high levels of carbon dioxide when burned. Carbon dioxide is the most abundant greenhouse gas in our atmosphere.

Everything Is On Track

The UK has a clear gameplan. By 2025, coal plants will be phased out and by 2050, the country will reach zero emissions. This month has proven that the UK is on track for these goals. Which should be proof for other countries that it is possible.

Of course, it will not be easy. The UK has spent years building offshore wind farms and currently has the largest wind capacity on Earth. In a recent deal, the UK has made plans to produce 30% of the countries energy from wind.

However, if other nations want to catch up, they need to start now. Climate change waits for no man.

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