WordCamp Riverside 2019

WordCamp Riverside

November 8th through the 10th, meet up with us at WordCamp Riverside in California! It’s held at the SolarMax facility, one of California’s leaders in renewable energy. Stop by to say hello to Trey, Anna and Michael James (not me) and grab some fun GreenGeeks swag!

This camp has a lot going on, and you don’t want to miss out. One thing that stands out for me is the Beginner’s Day.

In this environment, volunteers will teach you how to set up your site locally on a computer system so you can get the most out of the experience. Then, you can really dive into the development, editing and plugin sessions available.

What to Expect at WordCamp Riverside

While the Beginner’s Day is great for those who are new to WordPress, this camp is full of talks for all skill levels. So whether you’re a first-time user or a seasoned professional, you don’t want to miss on all this goodness.

At this camp, you’ll find talks like:

  • Marketing Your Business with WordPress
    In this session, Matthew Woodard will show you how to set up designs, marketing strategies and a user interface that improves online business performance. It’s all about engaging the customer base and boosting sales from WordPress.
  • The Art & Science Behind Killer Content
    Most websites rely on organic traffic. And speakers Michael Tesauro and Rob Bonham will break down the necessary components of created Grade “A” material. This is a must-attend session if you want to produce a lot of quality content.
  • Making Good Things with Goodenberg
    For those who love the Gutenberg interface, or even if you don’t, Adam Preiser will show you all kinds of things you can do with the system. You can build virtually any kind of page you want.
  • Story Sharing, Brand Building
    In this talk, Bob Marshall breaks down the importance of story sharing to build a brand. It connects the business to consumers on a more personal level while driving loyalty.
  • How to Rank Multi-location Local Businesses Using Content
    Local SEO is vastly important to any brick-and-mortar business. But what if you have more than one location? William Huff will show you how to connect using search engines to improve visibility for specific locales.

And this isn’t even half of the awesomeness that is at WordCamp Riverside in 2019. From making money with multisites to content writing, you can find it all at this event.

Fun Facts About Riverside, CA

Riverside is the 12th largest city in California. And it’s home to a lot of interesting elements. While you’re attending the WordCamp, stop and take a look around.

A few facts I’ve discovered include:

  1. Riverside is home to the Dixie Cup landmark. While it’s actually made of concrete, it’s the largest “paper cup” structure.
  2. For you Air Force enthusiasts, Riverside is home to March Air Joint Reserve Base. Founded in 1918, it’s the oldest active base on the west coast.
  3. If you’re looking for a late-night flick, you can visit one of two drive-in movie theaters in Riverside. There aren’t many of these left, so experience it while you can.

You can also hang out at any one of the many parks and museums in the city. But perhaps one of my favorite attractions is the 40-acre botanic garden.

We’ll See You Soon, Riverside!

This camp promises to have a great lineup of sessions for all WordPress users. While you’re at WordCamp Riverside, don’t forget to strike up a conversation with Trey, Anna or Michael James. They’ll be there handing out GreenGeeks swag.

I’d like to take the opportunity to thank the volunteers, organizers, sponsors and attendees for making these WordCamps possible. It’s a simply amazing community full of engaging and awesome people.

Have fun, California. Be safe and enjoy the camp!

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