WordCamp Sacramento 2018

GreenGeeks Web Hosting will be sponsoring & attending WordCamp Sacramento’s 4th anniversary which will be held September 15-16, 2018 at the Sacramento Convention Center.

In 2015, the inaugural event sold out all 150 tickets in only two hours. In 2016, 300 tickets were sold in three batches, with each batch of tickets selling out in 24 hours or less. In 2017, the event sold over 500 tickets. For 2018, the venue can accommodate more than 700 attendees.

For only $40.00, your WordCamp ticket gives you access to the entire two-day WordCamp even. Get them here.

Here’s what you can expect: 

  • Two mixed tracks of sessions running concurrently throughout Saturday and Sunday.
  • A two-day Beginner Track, with one day, focused on how to use WordPress and one day focused on what to do with your site once you have it live.
  • A Happiness Bar — our version of a help desk, open throughout the event so you can get help with your site and get your questions answered.
  • Lots of networking time to get to know other WordPressers and meet new people.
  • A delicious catered lunch on Saturday.
  • A networking reception Saturday evening to relax, unwind, celebrate WordPress, and continue conversations from the day.
  • An array of afternoon snacks on Sunday.

WordCamp is attended by designers, developers, business owners, bloggers, copywriters, consultants, hobbyists, employees who use WordPress as part of their job, and anyone else who uses WordPress in any way. Attendees range from the novice who is brand new to WordPress, to the savvy WordPress power user, to advanced designers and developers who make their living with WordPress.

There will be 40+ speakers and an array of things to be learned!

Here are just some of the sessions you can sit in on:

Beginner Track Introduction

This session kicks off the two-day WordCamp Sacramento 2018 Beginner Track with an introduction to WordPress, the open source software powering 30% of all websites across the globe. You’ll then receive an overview of the WordPress Dashboard, an outline of the “How To Use WordPress” Saturday Beginner Track, and some recommended resources to kick-start your WordPress journey.

eCommerce Decision Making: How Customers Decide What To Buy

In this session, we’ll look at a framework for understanding how people make decisions online, particularly in e-commerce settings, and then how you can leverage this to help you get better conversions on your store.

Leverage Linting To Be A Better Developer

Developers write code every day. What if there was a way to automatically enforce standardized code formatting for yourself and others on your team? Good news, there is a way! It’s called linting, and beyond improving code readability, when code is formatted in a standardized way it is easier to bring new people into a project (or return yourself after weeks or months away), reduces cognitive load, and avoids common coding errors.

Going PRPL with WordPress

Google’s performance-oriented PRPL (Push, Render, Pre-cache, Lazy load) pattern was created with low-bandwidth, mobile friendly, Progressive Web Apps in mind. And while WordPress was never intended to be a Progressive Web App out of the box, there are still plenty of things that we can learn from PRPL. Things which should help speed up the overall performance of your site.

If you care about site performance, Progressive Web Apps, headless WordPress, and noodling around with React, you’ll walk away with at least a few new things to play with. I guarantee it!

Optimizing The WordPress Admin For Users

At first glance, the WordPress admin can be pretty daunting, especially if it’s your first experience with a content management system (CMS), let alone WordPress. This talk will give designers and developers tips and tricks on ways they can customize the admin to create a better experience for their clients and create peace-of-mind for themselves. We’ll cover things like how to customize the Dashboard widgets, hiding menu items, defining roles and capabilities, creating an Options page, and a variety of plugins that can help.

WordPress Themes

Creating your WordPress website or blog begins with searching for, finding, and installing your WordPress theme (template). In this session, you’ll learn about the themes dashboard, where to find themes, and how to install a theme. You’ll also receive tips on choosing a theme and an introduction to the WordPress Customizer.

We asked a few speakers their thoughts on Wordcamp Sacramento!

“I love the WordPress community because it’s opened up a lot of doors for me that I never knew existed. I’ve worked with WordPress for years as a writer, but after my first WordCamp in San Diego I got hooked. Going to WordCamps has allowed me the opportunity to make strategic connections and learn a lot about using WordPress as a content marketer. WordCamp took my career to a new level. – Taylor ElizabethRose @tElizaRose”

I’ve been working remotely for the past 6 years. Going to camps is one of the only times I actually get to hang out with my coworkers, colleagues and friends (and make new ones!) And it’s always guaranteed that I’ll learn a ton from the sessions. If you think you know everything there is to know about WordPress, go to a WordCamp and you’ll come back with so much inspiration from all the cool things people are doing with it. – Jamie Schmid @jamieschmid”

“WordCamp is an incredibly valuable avenue for learning what WordPress can do, improving your skills, gaining insights into client work, business, and product development, and networking with others who use and make a living with WordPress. – Jennifer Bourn #WCSAC Co-organizer @jenniferbourn”

“WordPress, at its core is a pile of documents that are free to download and run as we see fit. The world that running this source code spawns though, is a world of communication and human connection that I have rarely had the chance to experience.

This is a universe that truly democratizes the notion of getting to say what you think, how you create and what matters to you. This world is, at its best, an elevated version of our ideals where no matter who you are or what your background, your voice can be on equal footing as the largest and most powerful forces at work.

WordCamps give us a chance to actualize this community in person, face to face, furthering our understanding of what a voluntary, civil and just society can be. I love WordCamps for the fact that I learn so much from so many people willing to stand up and say what they think and how they have managed to get as far as they have.

This is not a one-way communication and often sparks discussions that do more than scratch at an intellectual curiosity but instead help us advance ourselves as individuals and as humanity. – Dwayne McDaniels @McDwayne”

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