Young Climate Protesters will be Uniting this Friday

Young Climate Protesters

This Friday, September 20th, young climate protesters around the country will be on strike. This date was selected because it is just three days before the United Nations Climate Summit in New York City.

The goal is to make it perfectly clear that the world needs to embrace clean renewable energy sources and cut greenhouse gas emissions. It is not the current generation that will see the catastrophic destruction climate change brings, but theirs.

The movement has been hard at work in preparation, and this Friday could make history as the largest climate protest.

Skipping School

Skipping School

The majority of young adults will be skipping school that day and that’s okay with New York City schools. The schools have already announced that students will be excused to attend the climate strike that day.

So far, New York City is the only one allowing this, but it is quite possible that other cities like Los Angelas will follow their lead.

Greta Thunberg Will Be In New York

Anyone who has been listening to climate news should know that this 16-year old girl has become the figurehead of climate activists around the world.

She took a 15-day carbon-free voyage to arrive in the United States and has been busy ever since. She met with former President Barrack Obama and testified in front of congress. In which, she asked for the country to take action.

She will be a key leader in the upcoming strike and will even be attending the UN Climate Summit.

Future Generations At Risk

It cannot be stated enough, climate change will threaten every species on the planet. If action is not taken now, there will be no turning back.

Most scientists have suggested that we only have until 2030 to significantly cut back on emissions. But as emissions levels rise, that timeline is approaching faster.

The amount of scientific evidence is piling up, and the only sensible response is to take action. Which is exactly what these protesters are doing.

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