What is a Draft in WordPress?

If you’re a WordPress user, you’ve probably heard the term “draft” before. But what is a draft, exactly?

A draft is a saved version of a post or page that is not yet published. Think of it as a way to save your work in progress so you can return to it later and finish it up.

Saving drafts is a handy way to avoid losing your work if something unexpected happens, like your computer crashing or power going out.

So, next time you’re working on a WordPress post or page, be sure to save it as a draft so you can continue working on it later!

A Draft in WordPress Is a Post that Is Not yet Published

WordPress drafts are a great tool for those who want to write posts but still need some time to refine them. A draft allows authors to save their post while they work on making it just right, without worrying about accidentally publishing before it is ready.

In addition, the draft feature allows users to ensure that every post is polished and professional before reaching its audience.

Utilizing drafts can also help streamline workflow as authors can schedule posts in advance with the confidence that no content will be published prematurely.

Therefore, for those who take their online writing seriously, understanding how WordPress drafts work is essential for effective content creation.

Creating a Draft in WordPress

Creating a post in WordPress is easy and intuitive. The first step is to click the “Add New” button in the Posts section of your dashboard. After that, you’ll be taken to a new page containing an editor and all the tools and options required for creating a post.

Here, you can write or paste your text, add images, embed videos, set categories or tags for better classification, customize SEO to improve visibility on search engines, assign authors, preview how it will look when published, save a draft, or even directly publish it.

How to Publish or Schedule a Draft Post in WordPress

WordPress can easily and quickly publish or schedule a draft post.

First, go to your WordPress dashboard, and look for the Posts page. On this page, you’ll notice a list of your published posts and drafts.

Next, click on the specific post you wish to publish or schedule, and it will open in editor mode. You can make any changes necessary before committing the post to publication or scheduling for future publication.

In the Publish section of this editor, there is an option to Publish immediately – if desired – which commits that post to be published instantly.

Alternatively, there is the option to Schedule for later publication, where you specify the exact date and time at which it should be released publically.

After making your selection, simply click Update and watch your post go live or disappear from view until its set date and time arrives!

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