What is a Shortlink in WordPress?

A shortlink in WordPress serves as a condensed version of a longer URL, redirecting to the original page upon being clicked. This tool simplifies the management and sharing of lengthy URLs by compressing them into more manageable forms.

In contexts where character limits are important, like Twitter posts and limited text fields, shortlinks prove beneficial. They offer a neat appearance, potentially enhancing user trust, particularly when the original URL is extensive or includes numerous random characters.

Benefits of Using Shortlinks in WordPress

Shortlinks in WordPress serve as a vital tool for users seeking to condense long URLs into more manageable forms. These shortened URLs redirect to the original page, offering various benefits.

Streamlined User Experience Across Devices

Shortlinks significantly improve the user experience, particularly on mobile devices where screen real estate is limited. Long URLs can be unwieldy and disrupt the user interface, especially in mobile applications or text messages.

Shortlinks mitigate this issue by providing a compact, user-friendly alternative, ensuring a seamless experience across various devices and platforms.

Enhanced Professionalism in Communications

In professional communication, whether through emails or business platforms, the clarity and conciseness of content are paramount. Shortlinks contribute to this by offering a clean, tidy look to URLs.

This not only makes the content appear more professional but also makes it more approachable and readable, encouraging higher engagement rates.

Effective Branding Tool

Shortlinks serve as a powerful branding tool. By customizing shortlinks to include a brand name or relevant keywords, businesses can reinforce their brand identity with every link shared.

This repeated exposure to the brand name can enhance brand recognition and recall, subtly yet effectively boosting brand visibility.

Simplification in Content Management and Sharing

Managing an array of long, cumbersome URLs for content creators and marketers can be problematic. Shortlinks simplify content management by providing a neat, organized way of handling links.

This simplicity also extends to sharing content on platforms like social media, where character limits can restrict the amount of information shared. Shortlinks allow for the inclusion of more content or commentary alongside the link, maximizing the impact of the shared content.

Improved Link Integrity and Security

Long URLs, especially those generated by automated systems, can sometimes appear suspicious or unsafe to users. Shortlinks, particularly when branded, tend to appear more trustworthy and credible.

This improved perception of security can lead to higher click-through rates as users are more likely to engage with links that they perceive as safe and reliable.

Facilitation of Link Tracking and Analytics

Shortlinks provide an efficient means of tracking user engagement and link performance. With most shortlink services offering analytics, WordPress users can gain valuable insights into their audience’s behavior.

These insights can include metrics such as click counts, geographical location of the clicks, devices used, and time spent. Such data is invaluable for understanding audience preferences, optimizing content, and tailoring marketing strategies to achieve better engagement and conversion rates.

Efficiency in SEO Efforts

While shortlinks themselves do not directly influence search engine rankings, their use can indirectly benefit SEO strategies. By improving user experience and increasing the likelihood of clicks and shares, shortlinks can lead to higher engagement metrics.

Search engines often consider these metrics when ranking pages, meaning that the effective use of shortlinks can contribute to better SEO performance.

Increased Click-Through Rate (CTR)

Branded shortlinks have the potential to enhance conversion rates. By presenting more engaging and memorable URLs, these links can boost user interaction and engagement.


Many URL shortener services provide not only the basic function of link shortening but also valuable data. This data includes total click counts and user IP addresses, offering insights into user behavior and link performance.

How to Use Shortlinks in WordPress

Despite the removal of the ‘Get Shortlink’ button in WordPress version 4.4, WordPress continues to create shortlinks. Users can display these short URLs within their posts using the code:

<?php echo esc_url( wp_get_shortlink() ); ?>

Plugins to Help with Shortlinks in WordPress

A variety of plugins are available to assist WordPress users in creating and managing shortlinks.

Pretty Links

Pretty Links enables the creation of branded, memorable links with ease. It offers detailed reports on user activity and employs a cookie-based system for tracking across clicks.

URL Shortify

URL Shortify facilitates the creation of memorable shortlinks suitable for social media posts. It provides comprehensive analytics on link performance.


ThirstyAffiliates offers the added feature of social sharing buttons, expanding the reach of shared content.

URL Shortener by MyThemeShop

This plugin assists in crafting custom, easy-to-remember links and provides options for custom redirections.


BetterLinks is a versatile tool for creating clean, appealing URLs. These links are ideal for redirection and marketing campaigns.

Use Cases of Shortlinks in WordPress

Shortlinks in WordPress have a broad range of applications, each serving a specific purpose in enhancing user experience and digital marketing efficiency.

The versatility of these condensed URLs extends beyond basic web navigation, playing an important role in various aspects of online communication and marketing strategies.

Enhanced User Experience on Mobile Devices

With the increasing use of mobile devices for internet access, shortlinks are invaluable. Long URLs can be cumbersome on smaller screens, potentially leading to broken links or formatting issues in text messages and mobile apps.

Shortlinks address this issue by providing a succinct alternative, ensuring a smooth user experience.

Efficient Management in Content Marketing

Content marketers often deal with multiple links in their publications, whether in blogs, newsletters, or online articles. Managing these links can be demanding, especially when dealing with character constraints or aesthetic considerations.

Shortlinks simplify this process, allowing for a cleaner presentation of links and making the management of digital content more efficient.

Affiliate Marketing and Link Trust

In affiliate marketing, the presentation of links can significantly impact click-through rates. Users are often wary of long, complex URLs that appear untrustworthy or spam-like.

Shortlinks, especially those that are branded, enhance the perceived trustworthiness of these links. They provide a cleaner, more professional look that can encourage clicks and, consequently, potentially increase affiliate revenue.

Integration in Offline Marketing Materials

Shortlinks are not confined to the digital domain. They play a significant role in offline marketing strategies as well. In print materials like brochures, flyers, or business cards, space is a valuable commodity.

Shortlinks allow marketers to include web addresses without overcrowding the design. They are also easier for potential customers to remember and type into a browser, bridging the gap between offline and online marketing efforts.

Enhanced Reporting and Analytics in Digital Campaigns

Shortlinks are integral to tracking the performance of digital campaigns. By using these links in various campaigns, marketers can gain insights into user engagement and preferences.

This data is essential for understanding the effectiveness of marketing strategies, enabling businesses to make informed decisions about future campaigns. The analytics provided can include click-through rates, geographic location of clicks, and even the type of device used, offering a comprehensive view of audience engagement.

Streamlining Event Promotion and RSVPs

Event promotion is another area where shortlinks prove beneficial. When promoting events through social media, emails, or digital ads, a short, easy-to-remember link to the event page or RSVP form can increase participation.

Attendees are more likely to visit a concise, clear URL, thereby improving the effectiveness of event marketing.

Customization for Branding and Campaigns

Shortlinks provide an opportunity for customization, which is essential for branding and specific marketing campaigns. By customizing these links, businesses can create a consistent brand image across various platforms.

These custom links can be tailored to reflect the campaign’s theme or message, adding a layer of branding to each link shared.

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