We support your website development needs by being available 24/7 with knowledgeable staff ready for your questions. You can contact GreenGeeks via:

  • Email Support
    You can access the support request form through GreenGeeks. The average time for resolving an issue is between 15 and 20 minutes.
  • Live Chat
    We have many agents on hand through the live chat system. They are available all day, every day throughout the year…even on holidays.
  • Phone Support
    You can speak directly to hosting specialists during most hours of the day including weekends.

If you want to learn how to resolve some issues on your own, or simply want to learn how to use things like WordPress, we have a Knowledge Base and Website Tutorial section full of information. You’ll have access to How-Tos, FAQs and other pieces of information to help you build an amazing website.

What Elements Do We Support?

We support everything related to our hosting platforms, software and specific GreenGeeks features. For example, we make sure hardware and software on our systems is running smoothly for your hosting service.

Unfortunately, there are some things we simply cannot support. For example, things like design ideas or website development are outside of our scope of operations. In many cases, third-party scripts require technical expertise by the specific developer.

However, we do offer some assistance regarding the available software on our system. Exploring the knowledge base or the tutorial section will be of great help. We are unable to assist if you’re having technical difficulties with plugins or scripts you receive from other parties.

You may want to check out our blog section as we share a lot of information from the best social media tools to templates and themes to use on your website.

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