By default, a Drupal installation comes with several themes that you can use for the appearance of your website.

In this tutorial, we will cover how to manage themes in Drupal.

First, log into your Drupal admin interface, then click Appearance as shown by the red arrow below:

You can then choose a theme to install from the default list.

If the theme is enabled (appears under the “ENABLED THEMES” list), then all you have to do is click “set default” to use the theme as the basis for your website’s appearance.

If the theme is not enabled (appears under the “DISABLED THEMES” list), then click “Enable and set default” to make it the default theme.

To install a different theme from those available by default, click “themes” where it says “Alternative themes are available”.

In the following page, browse available themes. You can then select and download the theme of your choice. You can enter a few search criteria to narrow down the choice.

To install the new theme, click “Install new theme” in the Appearance interface.

Browse for your newly downloaded theme and click Install.

To enable and use the new theme, click “Enable and set default” under the new theme in the Appearance interface.

A confirmation page will follow. Your new theme is now active.

To check for theme updates, click the “UPDATE” tab in the Appearance interface.

The “SETTINGS” tab next to “UPDATE” allows you to control the default display for your website.

You can modify the settings to your needs and then click “Save configuration”.

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