Effective October 31st 2016, Due to the continued rise in domain costs, GreenGeeks no longer providers a Free Domain for Life. Domains will be included for the first year at no additional cost. Subsequent years will renew at standard domain rates. Customers who purchased before October 31st 2016 will be transitioned to the new pricing structure on their hosting contract renewal.

This offer is valid on the primary domain name on the web hosting account. We’ve put together some frequently asked questions on our Free Domain Name for Life offer.

Who Owns the Domain Name?

GreenGeeks registers or transfers the domain name on behalf of the customer. Once the domain name is registered or transferred to us, GreenGeeks will become the domain registrar of the domain name. The domain name remains the property of the customer.

How long is the Domain Name renewed for?

Domains are purchased and renewed on a yearly basis. 

Can I add more years onto the free domain name?

No. The domain name will be automatically renewed for you annually on the renewal date.

Can I change my free domain name if I don’t like it anymore?

Yes, however you will have to pay a one time domain registration fee. Your old domain name can either be renewed at regular domain registration fees or cancelled. This will also require your hosting account’s primary domain name to be changed to the new domain name.

I already own a domain name, can I transfer it for free?

Yes. So long as the primary domain name on the hosting account is the domain name in which you’re wanting to make eligible for the free domain.

I’ve prepaid my domain name for multiple years, what happens to that?

You will not lose the prepaid domain registration. Your domain will still expire on the extended date of which you prepaid to. GreenGeeks will then automatically renew your domain name free of charge for an additional year on that expiration date. 

What happens to my domain name if I cancel my hosting service with you?

The domain name is your property. So it is yours to take. However, there are some conditions. GreenGeeks offers the free domain name for life as part of the hosting service. If you cancel the hosting service within our 30-day money back guarantee, the cost of the domain registration/transfer will be withheld from the refund. If you are beyond the 30-day money back guarantee period there is no additional costs and you will be able to transfer your domain to another provider.

If you have any additional questions regarding our Free Domain For Life policy, please contact our sales team.

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  1. James Scott

    I have a handful of domains I plan to transfer, but I’m not clear on what fees you will be charging for domain registration/transfer while moving to a different hosting/registrar if and when that time comes. (I stayed with my last hosting company for 8 years, so I don’t like to move unless I have to.)


  2. Kaumil - GreenGeeks

    Hello James,

    With your account you have a free domain registration or transfer, whichever you pick. This is valid on one domain name only. For every additional domain name that you register or transfer there is a fee. Please see our domain registration and transfer pricing.

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