Add-on pricing for various services at GreenGeeks:

 Shared HostingReseller HostingVPS Servers
Dedicated IP$48/Year
(1 IP Address)
(1 IP Address)
(2 IP Addresses)
Let’s Encrypt Wildcard$0.00/Year$0.00/YearNot Avaliable
Premium AlphaSSL Wildcard$99.95/Year$99.95/Year$99.95/Year
cPanel LicenseNot AvailableNot Available$10/Month*
ClientExec License$4.95/Month$4.95/Month*$4.95/Month*
WHMCS Starter License$9.95/Month$9.95/Month*$9.95/Month*
WHMCS Plus License$14.95/Month$14.95/Month$14.95/Month
WHMCS Pro License$19.95/Month$19.95/Month$19.95/Month
WHMCS Business License$34.95/Month$34.95/Month$34.95/Month
PCI Compliance$129.95/yr**$129.95**Not Available
Backup Restore1 Free per Month
(Additional are $25)
1 Free per Month
(Additional are $25)
Own backup configuration
Manual Backup Request ***$5/cPanel Backup$5/cPanel Backup$5/cPanel Backup

* Features are provided at no cost, but the cost of their licensing is deducted from any refunds.

** PCI Compliance Ready includes: SSL Certificate, Dedicated IP and support with any failures related to a third party PCI Compliance scan. Scan not included. PCI Compliance is included free of charge with our EcoSite Premium ($24.95/month) service.

*** You can prepare your own backups by following our guide.  Fees are applicable only when you request that GreenGeeks generate a full cPanel backup.


All purchases are non-refundable.

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