What is an SSL Certificate & Why do I need it?

GreenGeeks makes it easy for you to secure your website. An SSL certificate enabled the special lock symbol on your browser that encrypts traffic from the user to our servers. This is perfect for websites that stores sensitive information. It also is good for ranking higher on search engines. Google has announced as part of its mission for an HTTPS “everywhere” initiative it will prefer websites with HTTPS over HTTP.


In order for GreenGeeks to install an SSL certificate for your website, you will need the following:

  1. An SSL Certificate. – $49.95/year with GreenGeeks
  2. A Dedicated IP* – $48/year with GreenGeeks

Get Your SSL & Enable HTTPS on Your Website Now!

GreenGeeks will setup and install your SSL certificate for a total of $49.95/year (SSL Certificate). Contact Support To Get Your SSL Certificate.


* Dedicated IP required for third party SSL certificates for full browser coverage. Not required for SSL certificates sold by GreenGeeks!.

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