The GreenGeeks (DNS) Name Server settings are:

Changing the dns settings for your domain name at your registrar where you purchased the domain is fairly simple. Usually the registrar like Godaddy will have a control panel you would login into and then you would go select the domain name on the account and chose to change/modify the name servers, sometimes it will ask for “Custom” Name servers like it does in Godaddy. You would then update the name servers with the dns settings above. If there are more fields than the primary and secondary name servers, like a third or fourth name server field leave those blank.

You can also contact your registrar where you purchased the domain or contact the hosting company where you may have had the domain purchased with a previous hosting account and ask them to update the name server records for you. If you contact a registrar or a hosting company and ask them to update the name server records and they give you any hard time please let us know as those companies must act on your behalf to change the name server records as they registered your domain name which is your intellectual property.

Remember with our reseller hosting services you can get your own name servers as well.

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  1. Sam Rogers

    Is there any reason why you don’t also list the IP addresses? (ns1) & (ns2)
    Is it alright to use these as well, or might that cause a problem?


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