To transfer a domain name to the GreenGeeks registrar, a few requirements must be met. Before you proceed with a domain transfer make sure you have verified that each item in this list is configured as required.

Has the domain been registered for at least 60 days? A domain is not eligible for transfer until 60 days after initial registration.

Is the domain expired or close to the expiration date? Expired domains or domains within 14 days of their expiration date cannot be transferred and must be renewed at the current registrar.

Is the domain locked? If so, it has to be unlocked. Contact the current registrar for instructions.

Does the domain use whois privacy protection? If so, it must be disabled during transfer.

Are the name servers for the domain pointing to the GreenGeeks name servers? Update the domain’s name servers to point to GreenGeeks. Contact the current registrar for instructions. Important: The name server settings cannot be changed during the domain name transfer process.

Do you have the domain authorization code? Contact your current registrar for the code (they may refer to it as an “Auth Code” or an “EPP Code”).

Are you the administrative e-mail contact in the whois record for the domain? The administrative email contact authorizes the domain transfer once the process has begun. Important: An email will be sent to the administrative email contact for the domain name and the confirmation link in that email must be clicked to verify the transfer. If no action is taken on the confirmation email the transfer will fail.

When all of the requirements have been met and you are ready to transfer the domain, complete the Domain Transfer Form and we will initiate the transfer request.

Submitting the Domain Transfer Form authorizes us to transfer your domain name from the existing registrar to the GreenGeeks registrar.


  1. Paolo Arseneau

    Hi, I purchased a .ca domain with you guys which I currently host a WP site. Say I eventually want to transfer from greengeeks to self hosting (let’s say I have what it takes). Do you have a procedure for that?

    Thank you

  2. Kaumil - GreenGeeks Article Author

    Hello Paolo, I assume you mean to take your website from our servers to a server that is self-hosted by you? I would look to see if self-hosting is actually beneficial for you or not first.

  3. Lance Bowman

    My client has two domains with Green Geeks, each on a different server. Currently, the newer domain name simply forwards to the old domain.

    We want to combine the two domains on the server of original/older of these domains. We do not want to disturb or delete any data on the server, just merge the two domains onto the one system.

    What do we need to do? What is the process? How long would it take? Is this something Green Geeks can manage for us?

    The purpose of the two domains was due to a name change for the client’s organization. We do not want to go through migrating all the data from the old named domain.

  4. Jessica Robinson

    I’m making arrangements to move my site to a new host and would like to transfer my domain to a separate third-party as well. What steps do I need to take to prepare my domain for transfer from GG to the third-party provider?


  5. Michael Phillips

    Hi Jessica, the instructions in the Domain Transfer Instructions article apply whether you’re transferring in or out. So as long as you can check all those boxes, you should be good to go.

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