Now that you’ve created a package of features for your clients, you can actually create the account itself for your client to host their website on.

The first step is to locate and click the Create a New Account link in the left side menu. Then a form with the setup options for the account will appear.

NOTE: Bear in mind, this is for creating an account manually; there are several automated billing programs, such as ClientExec, that can be set to automatically interface with WHM and create accounts for you.

  1. Enter the domain of your client into the Domain field (ie, and leave off the www in front of it. Then you assign the username and password for the cPanel on the account. It defaults to the first 8 characters of the domain name, but you can change that if you wish, or simple leave it alone.
  2. The password can be randomly generated by WHM, or you can enter one in yourself. To generate one, click on the Generate Password button, sort through the various options, and then Use Password when you have one that you wish to use.
  3. Enter the e-mail address of the client that is used for primary contact purposes. Status reports about this account/cPanel will be sent here by default.
  4. Assign a package to the account (one you created in Step 1). This will allocate the amount of resources you designated in the package to this account, or you can set the options manually just for this account by clicking the Select Options Manually checkbox. WHM is extremely flexible.
  5. Set the cPanel theme (leave it as is if you haven’t changed the theme of cPanel yourself), and Language as you did earlier with the packages.
  6. The final checkbox is generally the most confusing for newer users: the checkbox that states “Use the nameservers specified at the Domain’s Registrar”. Simply leave it alone, except in specific situations.
  7. Then click Create, and you’re all done.

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