To obtain your license of ClientExec, login your Account Manager and open a new ticket with the subject “Request ClientExec Licence” and in the body of the ticket include the domain name you would like to have licensed. You will then receive confirmation of the license being issued along with additional details on how to download the software.

Note: We do not provide technical support for ClientExec. GreenGeeks only provides the licensing for the software. All installation documentation & support related items are available at


  1. Allen Moore

    Hi, although the article is correct and helpful. I found myself not catching that ClientExec is the billing system offered by Green Geeks. So being new and just knowing that you offer billing and not knowing that it was through ClientExec, this article meant nothing to me until I finally called and asked and found out what ClientExec was. So a suggestion would be to add that this is your billing solution to this article if possible.

  2. Kaumil - GreenGeeks Article Author

    Thank you for the suggestion, we’ll pass this off to our web team to figure out how to make it a bit easier to understand.

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