GlobalSign?s OneClickSSL™ is a fast and efficient SSL Certificate lifecycle delivery mechanism.  Using a patented domain ownership verification system, OneClickSSL™ is able to provide a fully operational SSL Certificate within 30-50 seconds.

Traditional processes for SSL security can be tedious. Completing the necessary steps requires knowledge of cryptography and recognition of terminology such as keysize; algorithm, CSR (Certificate Signing Request) and Intermediate Certificate Authorities (aka CA Bundle). It also relies on the ability to receive challenge-response email communications from an SSL vendor and processing the necessary steps to install the SSL Certificate requires patience and technical know-how.

With the introduction of OneClickSSL™, SSL Certificate provisioning can be fully automated, making server security easily accessible to organizations of all sizes. This process is quick and easy and the automated nature of the installations relieves the woes of spending hours troubleshooting the installation, thereby reducing support costs and increasing profit for all stakeholders in the delivery chain. OneClickSSL™ is based on multi-factor authentication techniques, hence providing the highest security levels, whilst also enabling administrators to manage the entire SSL lifecycle with practically zero training.

The only item necessary to understand is the voucher.

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