GIT is a very popular and efficient open source Version Control System. It can track changes in content from external repositories such as github.

To use the git commands, you will need to login to your hosting account using a SSH client such as PuTTY. You may need to request access to SSH on your account if you get a message that it is not yet enabled on connecting. Please see this article on how to request access.

Cloning a Project.

To clone or copy a copy of a project, you will use the following command from your public_html directory.

git clone url directory

An example of this, if we wanted to clone a copy of the Forget Your Resume script from github we would do the following.

cd public_html
git clone resume

This will put the software in the resume folder of your public_html and initiate a local copy of the software. You will then follow the developers instructions on installing it manually.

Updating a Project.

To keep your software up to date, or if the developer of your software has committed changes to the repository. We need to tell your local copy to update itself. You would do the following.

cd public_html/resume
git pull

This will poll the remote server that you set with the clone command and download and merge any changes. You may want to make a copy of any configuration files before doing this as they will be overwritten.

For more in-dept help regarding git and all of its commands you may want to read through the quick reference guide or the official documentation.

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