Akismet is the contracted form of Automatic Kismet. Akismet was launched seven years ago and has been very successful in capturing spam. It was developed by Automatic, the creators of WordPress. It was founded by Matt Mullenweg, the co-founder of WordPress. In simple terms, Akismet is a service that helps filter and detect spam from comments in blogs. It captures what it considers to be spam and places it in the spam folder in your blog. You can manually go through the folder checking for what is spam and what is not. Anything not found to be genuine can be filtered. Akismet is well aware of the latest trickery used by spammers and will warn you when something does not look right.

Why Akismet?

Akismet is a WordPress plugin that reduces a huge time consuming task of comment moderation. Akismet catches spam comments before they reach the moderation queue as pending. Therefore the focus can be laid on the comments posted by real users.


Akismet screens the whole blog for spam. The data filtered as spam will be kept for 15 days and then is automatically deleted. When something is incorrectly selected as spam, it can be reverted by using the unspam button (on WordPress) or a similar button in our blog to send it back to Akismet. This kind of manual correction helps Akismet to improve its performance. Therefore, Akismet gets better and better the more that it is used. You can also place an Akismet button on your website.

Some of the key features of Akismet are as follows:

Akismet is good for statistical reports. It details actual spam, missed spam, false positives (something that is wrongly identified as spam) as well as the accuracy rate of the spam filter. It allows you to review these details on a daily, monthly, yearly or indefinite base.

  1. Akismet filters comments and links multi-lingually i.e., it considers spam not only in English but also in many other languages.
  2. It is easily adaptable and can be used for any software application with submitted content like forums, Wiki and so on.
  3. Akismet classifies and lists the messages that it thought was spam but cleared. It leaves room for messages that you may wish to mark as spam. You save a lot of time – just set it and forget it.
  4. Links in the comments are highlighted so that you can check if they are legit or not.
  5. Always up and running. When Akismet cannot reach your server, it waits until your server is up and as soon as the connection is up, it will automatically connect.

Setting up Akismet

The spam filtering WordPress plugin – Akismet, should be activated and configured to complete the installation process. Akismet plugin comes pre-installed with WordPress. The remaining process is listed below:

  • The plugin should be activated by following the path WP Dashboard > Plugins > All listed plugins > Activate button.
  • After the activation a small yellow highlighted message will be displayed stating “Enter your API Key”.
  • Click on the yellow message and it will lead to a link. Enter the API Key in the stated field.
  • Lastly click on the update options in the link directed by the yellow highlighted message.
  • If the API Key is valid, a green signal will be displayed.

With this the activation, API Key validation and Configuration of Akismet plugin is successfully done.

Here’s a video of how  to set up Akismet for WordPress:

Missed Spam

Sometimes Akismet doesn’t recognize certain entries as spam and they will be displayed in the moderation queue. Such missed spam can be filtered manually by clicking on the red spam link displayed when the mouse is placed over the message. When a spam is submitted manually Akismet will analyze the content of the entry and will learn new spam patterns.


It can be used in pre-built plugin form or by using an API key, which is generated during the signup process; so registration is required. The API key is a string of characters or numbers, which works just like a username or password, which allows the user to login to their Akismet account. For security, the API key is supposed to be confidential as it provides direct access to the Akismet server. Therefore, every blogger should have the API key to enable continuous connection between the Akismet server and the blog.

In Conclusion

Akismet is a very important plug – in for any blogger. It is efficient and very simple to use. It helps eliminate unnecessary information from blogs and so enhances your reputation in the blogosphere. It is a central anti-spam and blacklisting server that helps in comment moderation. GreenGeeks offers exceptional WordPress hosting, click here to learn more about what we have to offer.

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