Blogging has become a very popular activity in today’s world. WordPress is one of the famous content management and blog publishing platforms with a vast number of plugins and widgets, which makes blogging a wonderful experience. To have an excellent and attractive WordPress blog you should be aware of the various features, keywords and custom settings available. acts as a wonderful tool to guide you through this learning process with high quality video tutorials. This new medium has everything that you would require while handling or setting up a WordPress blog or site. has few very basic tutorials such as “Introduction to WordPress Dashboard”; “Signing up with”; “Writing and Publishing a post” and many more.

Features of WordPress Video Tutorials

All the WordPress video tutorials have standardization with regards to:

  • Smooth voice integration with the Video
  • High quality of the Video
  • Detailed explanation of the processes to be followed
  • Handling information in professional ways
  • Turn On/Off Subtitles

Embed or share your own videos in relation to the WordPress. Find a huge section exclusively containing the presentations done on various WordPress related topics. You will find everything as small as tips to the big future role WordPress is going to play on the Internet. The presentations include topics like how to find a best theme; or the future of WordPress plugins etc.

Navigating through

It is very easy to navigate through You can find tabs such as “How to” and “WordCamp TV” on the right hand top corner of the home page. After reaching at either of those pages you can select the categories, you would like to browse through from the selection of categories available on the left hand corner of the respective page. Some of the categories include Admin, Blogging tools, Akismet, Blog Management, e-commerce, Design, Development etc. Browse through the videos available under the selected category that suits your requirement. has video tutorials for beginners as well as the experienced ones. has videos fully organized through the means of custom taxonomies. You can find the screenshot of the video on the left hand side, while the briefing about the video is available on the right hand side.

WordCamp TV is a place for the WordCamp footage also. WordCamp is a conference where you can find everything about the WordPress. It is a community-based organization where the participants include common users to core developers. WordCamp TV has all the Presentations, Highlights and Behind-the-Scenes of WordCamp happenings at places all around the world like Phoenix, San Francisco, Seattle, Toronto, Norway, Netherlands, Chicago and many more.

Getting Involved

You can get involved in the making of a better Just submit your videos abiding to the submission guidelines from WordPress; follow the guidelines on video quality, audio quality, postproduction and additional resources of the videos and that’s it!

Embedding videos in your WP Blog

Sometimes the videos in seem to be related to your WordPress site or blog content. For example, if you are writing about WordPress SEO plugins in your blog and want to demonstrate about some of the plugins; you can use these video tutorials. You can utilize these videos by embedding them into your blog or site and making them easily available to all of the visitors. To embed a video from the into your WordPress blog or site, follow the steps listed below:

  1. Select the video you wish to embed in your site or blog.
  2. Click on the play button and allow the video to buffer. You can notice the video player controls.
  3. Select the “Share” drop down menu available on the top left corner of the video.
  4. Click the “Copy HTML” button from the “Embed on a Webpage” option.
  5. After the content is copied to the clipboard, the button would change to “Copied”.
  6. Use the “Embed on a Blog”, if you are good with WordPress shortcodes otherwise ignore it.
  7. Open your WordPress dashboard.
  8. Open or create the blog post in which you would embed the video.
  9. Paste the HTML Code by clicking in the post-content field.
  10. Preview the look and appearance of the embedded video.

Always remember that the videos appear option less but in reality, you can find all the video player option as the video progresses in buffering.

In short, is a resource for all the tutorials available on WordPress. It helps you to have a good start with the WordPress blog set up and takes you through the various advanced tutorials for the blog enhancement. Therefore, is a treasure for all the novices and the experts. You can then apply what you’ve learned on your WordPress website hosted with GreenGeeks!

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