All the bloggers would like to have their content rated high in the search engine results and all of them might have an idea about search engine optimization (SEO). WordPress is considered to be SEO friendly. There are many WordPress SEO plugins, though WordPress SEO is considered to be one of the best solutions. WordPress SEO by Yoast is a popular WordPress SEO plugin that helps you rank your WordPress blog or content higher in the Google search results through ethical and legitimate ways.


Some of the features of WordPress SEO plugin are explained below:

  • RSS Enhancements: You can link or add a portion of content to the beginning or end of your posts in RSS feeds to point back to the original pages.
  • Titles and Meta Descriptions: Set your own titles and Meta description templates for all your pages. You can have a focus keyword that appears in bold during a search engine result. Using the snippet preview functionality you can completely optimize your post title and Meta description.
  • XML Sitemaps: WordPress SEO has the most advanced XML sitemap functionality when compared to other WordPress plugins. It automatically generates the XML sitemaps and notifies the Google search engine about its existence. WordPress SEO uses XSLT stylesheets on the XML sitemaps.
  • Breadcrumbs: Allows you to have an easy navigation structure that is helpful for both users and search engines. It explains the structure of your site better to the search engines.
  • Robots Meta Configuration: You can have a control on the pages to be displayed or not to be displayed in the search engine results. The advanced settings are hidden by default under the Meta robots settings.
  • Social Integration: WordPress SEO plugin comes with a Facebook OpenGraph implementation. Therefore the plugin is high in its social integration.
  • Import and export functionality: You can utilize this export and import functionality to maintain the same settings throughout all your blogs. You can export the site settings from one blog and import the same on the other.
  • Edit your robot.txt and .htaccess: Edit the most important robot.txt and .htaccess files for your WordPress blog.
  • API Docs: WordPress SEO comes with its own set of actions and filters.
  • Clean up head section: WordPress SEO plugin helps you to maintain a <head> section always.
  • Canonical: WordPress SEO sets the canonical elements. Canonical elements distinguish between the original page and derivative pages which have the same content.
  • Permalink Cleanup: You can always display your content under the URL that you want by checking on simple options in the settings.

Installation and Setup Process

You need to download the WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast and then activate it. After the activation you will find a tab added to your admin panel called SEO having a Yoast’s logo. To continue with the setup process, you will have to transfer your data first. Then you have to customize the settings in the areas like General Settings, Webmaster tools, Title Settings, Indexation, Sitemap, Permalinks, Internal links settings, RSS feeds and Import/Export options.

Optimization using SEO

You can optimize your WordPress blog or site to the greatest extent possible by checking on a few aspects. Some of them are listed as follows:

  • Selecting a focus Keyword: It is very important for you to select a focus keyword as this will help you reach the users easily. Select and decide on the word or group of words that you feel people will look for in your blog or post.
  • SEO friendly Posts:  Always work on presenting eye-catchy headings and description that would contain the gist of the article and also the focus keywords.
  • SEO Meta Description: It is better to have a Meta Description to all of your posts but keep in mind about the character limit of 155 characters.
  • Categories and Tags: Sorting of your content is usually done by setting Categories and Tags.
  • Internal Linking: Keep your new blog visitors posted with your older content by interlinking within your blog. Remember your search engine will increase with every new post of yours.
  • Clean Code: Ensure that the coding of your site is clean and error free as errors can cause restrictions for search engines to move freely through the site.
  • Proper URL and Title: Work on deciding the most appropriate URL and a catchy but relevant title for your site or post.
  • Category Pagination Fix Plugin: Reduce the 404 page errors displayed by the Google and Bing Webmaster tools by activating the Category Pagination Fix Plugin.

In Short

WordPress SEO helps you to optimize your site, gain more subscribers and have improved rankings. A Google search result snippet preview helps to have an idea about how your content would be displayed as a search engine result. WordPress SEO is also multisite compatible. In addition to the above features it has loads of other features too! GreenGeeks maintains clean IP space which further enhances your website’s SEO efforts.


  1. Nathan

    This plugin is a must for any WordPress site. It really does make on page optimisation a breeze.

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