WordCamp is a conference conducted across the globe to discuss on WordPress issues in relation to blogging, social media, business and many more. The first WordCamp was held at San Francisco by Matt Mullenweg in the year 2006. Hundreds of WordCamps were then organized year after year. The name WordCamp itself suggests that it is a unique Camp on WordPress. These WordCamps are organized by a huge group of volunteers. Starting from the initial event planning and carrying, till rendering their time and effort to guide the new fellows, all the people involved are just volunteers.

Participants in WordCamp

WordCamp is not limited to anybody in specific. Anybody who is interested or has experience in handling WordPress can attend the WordCamp. People including WordPress Users, Developers, Designers and many other enthusiasts attend the WordCamp irrespective of their level of experience and knowledge. These WordCamps are cost-effective and are easily affordable with minimum ticket costs. Most of the participants at WordCamp come along to share their experience and knowledge with fellow users and developers. WordCamp also acts like a meeting point to clarify any concepts related to WordPress. It holds an informal body of WordPress experts who volunteer and make themselves personally available at WordCamps to sort out issues and provide guidelines on WordPress.

In addition to the above mentioned participants, you can also come across many other new collaborators, employees/employers and co-conspirators who will become the reason for new relationships and new projects for the year. A “Job Board” is also available containing information about the various job openings and business cards that help people find new path ways.

Past and Upcoming WordCamps

You can find the all the upcoming WordCamps including both scheduled and unscheduled at while all the past WordCamps are available at for all those who have failed to attend.

Some of the upcoming WordCamps (for the year 2013) are listed below:

  • WordCamp Columbus on August 2nd and 3rd
  • WordCamp Russia and WordCamp Portland on August 10th
  • WordCamp Providence on August 16th and 17th
  • WordCamp Vancouver on August 17th
  • WordCamp Grand Rapids and WordCamp Birmingham on August 24th and 25th

WordCamp at presents the WordCamp footage under the category “WordCamp Tv” at WordCamp TV has all the Presentations, Highlights and Behind-the-Scenes of WordCamp happenings at places all around the world. You can browse through the huge gallery of videos on a category basis that include:

  • Browse by Year (2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013)
  • Browse by WordCamp

Under Browse by year option you can browse through all the WordCamps that happened in the respective years irrespective of the location whereas under the Browse by WordCamp option you can browse all the WordCamps conducted in one place irrespective of the year. The various places at which WordCamps are being conducted are listed below:

  • Austin
  • Boston
  • Bulgaria
  • Chicago
  • Detroit
  • Kansas City
  • Las Vegas
  • Los Angeles
  • Melbourne
  • Nepal
  • New York
  • New Zealand
  • Orange County
  • Phoenix and many more

You also have the provision of browsing through the latest video gallery section alone.

Money to Serve

All the money collected and funds raised in the name of the tickets for WordCamp are purely spent on organizing and carrying the event alone. Any additional funds that remain are generally spent to fund an on-going WordPress meet-up, to sponsor a local developer to contribute the work to, to donate the surplus to the WordPress Foundation or is saved for the benefit of the upcoming WordCamp. Alternatively the money is even utilized to distribute commemorative t-shirts or to provide food and beverages to the volunteers. The details about the perks included with each ticket purchase will be listed on the respective WordCamp website. Most WordCamps have a party after the conference at a nearby location. So it’s all about fun to meet like-minded people with similar interests and to have fun in a cost-effective manner. Did you know that GreenGeeks is an active sponsor of WordCamp’s all around the globe?

Social Integration

If you have missed a WordCamp or planning to attend a WordCamp; get all the WordCamp updates straight into you social sites. Just keep following the updates on twitter and also integrate with various social networking sites that include Facebook and Google+. You can even locate a WordCamp near to your location by using the “Find a WordCamp” option in the WordCamp website.

In short, WordCamp is just everything about WordPress! You can even become a WordCamp organizer by understanding the basic requirements or guidelines listed in the official website and filling in your application form at Hurry up and show your love for WordPress at your nearest WordCamp.



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