WordPress is a very popular content Management System that is extensively used today by many of the bloggers and website owners. Handling WordPress is very easy and beginners find it comfortable as it is out of the box. WordPress has a huge collection of plugins, themes, widgets and many more functionalities, which help you to create, develop and present attractive and interactive blogs and sites for your users. While all of the WordPress related topics are easy to understand, still there is a lot of help provided by the WordPress community to reach you in a better way.

Help by WordPress

WordPress provides you with various kinds of resources for help which are briefly discussed below:

  • Documentation: WordPress Documentation is available at, which is an information bank on WordPress. It is considered to be the online manual for WordPress. You will even find the documentation on WordPress at the above mentioned link. This support tool provides you with resources on how to get started with WordPress, important and necessary information you should know about WordPress, basics on creating and developing your own set of themes and plugins and many more.
  • Forums: Just like any other forum group or discussion, WordPress also has a support forum where you can discuss and share information about the problems faced, solutions found or experiences faced with similar set of WordPress users like you. Thousands of people participate in these forums and vast collection of threads can be found at You can even search if there is an active thread on the topic you need by texting in a few keywords in the search bar available at the forum page. As a search result you can find links to all the threads that have your set of keywords.
  • FAQ: (Frequently Asked Questions) FAQ is yet another resource tool that provides a lot of help in the question and answer format. You can browse through the different categories of FAQ that include Installation, Security, Troubleshooting, Layout and Design, Codex, Developer Documentation, Forum Hot Topics and many more. You can easily distinguish between the latest and the old FAQ and also include a question that is not available in FAQ as your contribution. Refer to all these information at In cases where your question is not answered, you can get immediate assistance from the WordPress Support Forum.
  • IRC Live: Catch up with the WordPress experts and professionals and commence a live chat through the WordPress IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Live. You can talk about WordPress or even raise questions on WordPress to the people available and they will either answer to your questions or direct you to a source containing the required information. This is another resource tool for help. For further information about the IRC Live refer to
  • Online Video Support: WordPress also provides you with an online help through video. “Learn WordPress” also hosts numerous tutorials related to the self-hosted version.
  • WordPress Trac: Track all the changes or developments made on WordPress at WordPress Trac mainly functions as a bug tracker. You can look for solutions to your problems by searching the bug database, to identify the issues already addressed. You can receive notifications, browse through the source content, visit the timeline and perform many other activities here.

Contribute to WordPress Support

You can also volunteer your level of contribution to develop the documentation of WordPress Codex. Codex in short words is a place where you can make changes to the documentation. It is open to everyone who is willing to contribute. WordPress FAQ provides all the answers as to the steps to sign up or ways to contribute and many more at You can contribute in three major areas that include administrating and maintaining WordPress, Managing the Content at the WordPress Codex and participating in Discussions and Decisions. WordPress FAQ also covers a wide range of advanced topics for all the developers volunteering on areas including Plugins, Themes, Database, Functions and many more. So simply clarify you doubts, understand the Codex guidelines and start participating actively by contributing the best you can. All you need is an understanding of WordPress functions, terminology and features with an extra pinch of patience and interest to render the best possible solution to the questions asked in the WordPress Support Forums.

In short and simple words, WordPress renders help in all the maximum ways possible to make sure that you have a smooth and wonderful experience using it while working on your blogs and sites. Either take help and work on your WordPress or provide help and assist others using WordPress. GreenGeeks also offers technical support to most common issues associated with WordPress.

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