Drupal is Content Management System that offers you with a wide variety of Themes for your website. A theme is nothing but a predefined template that consists of a design for the various components of a web page such as the header, navigation menus, footer, views and many more. You can work around easily with the look and feel of your website by using the various themes offered by Drupal. You can even make use of the themes contributed to the official Drupal website though the same don not fall under the official release category.


Today, with the availability of various options in the market, it has become necessary to look for certain basic feature pack in the themes that you construct or select for your website. Some of the mandatory features are listed and detailed below:

  • Responsive Theme: Responsive nature of a theme is referred to the capability of the theme to be able to fit into any screen size irrespective of the device that you are using such as a mobile, tablet, laptop etc. Off late Television sets are also being used for browsing. Hence it has become necessary for you to opt for theme that is responsive in nature.
  • Grid Based Design: A Grid based design is necessary to balance the visual structure and site design of your website. This specific feature is necessary to organize and present your website information in a balanced way.
  • HTML5 Code Design: HTML5 Design for your code is the latest approach to construct your theme as it makes you to handle the coding process easily with a more logical importance. HTML5 code design is supported by almost all the systems. You just need to expand your HTML4.0 knowledge territory to start working with HTML5 and to add cool elements to your website.

Drupal Themes

Some of the highly downloaded Drupal Themes listed in its official website are briefly discussed below:

  • Zen: Zen is a wonderful Drupal Theme built on HTML5 with a mobile-first grid design. Zen is available in two different versions – 7.x-3.x and 7.x-5.x.
  • Omega: Omega is yet another Drupal Theme that allows you to control the coding of the entire theme instead of simply handling and managing through the user interface. It provides you with sufficient number of layouts to manage the templates along with their respective stylesheets.
  • Marinelli: Marinelli, a Drupal tableless theme provides you with better options of CSS, headings management and many more. It comes along with a top-tabbed primary links system and a wide image banner.
  • Danland: Danland is a simple and a beautiful theme designed especially for Drupal versions 6 and 7. It has a sub-theme included and comes by default with features such as built-in image slideshow, a tableless design that is suitable for SEO requirements, wide image banner and many more.
  • Business: Business is a lightweight Drupal theme for Drupal 7.x featuring a configurable layout, multilingual menu, integration of color modules and many more. The Business theme is best suited for the medium sized business websites.
  • Pixture Reloaded: Pixture Reloaded is a Drupal Theme which is on the feature line of Adaptivetheme. This is a re-colorable theme with 18 preset color schemes along with the support of Superfish Module and Noggin Module.
  • Mayo: Mayo is a Drupal Theme that allows you customize your own theme just like the name suggests “Make Your Own”. You don’t need to have a prior knowledge of PHP, CSS or HTML to work around with the customization part of your theme.
  • Sky: Sky is multi-column layout Drupal theme that uses CSS3 and HTML5 and supports the color modules. This theme is mobile friendly, CSS based and center aligned.
  • Basic: Basic is a SEO friendly Drupal theme that is SASS ready and possesses a Grid Framework with number of page layout options.
  • RootCandy: Rootcandy is a Drupal theme that is designed exclusively for the administration sections of your website. This theme features a simple dashboard, re-colorable options, sliding region and many more.
  • Acquia Prosper: Acquia Prosper is a Drupal theme is designed on e-commerce lines for Ubercart. Remember that it flexible for all the other sites as well. The theme acquires all the feature line of Fusion Core Base theme, as Acquia Prosper is the sub theme of the same.

With the vast number of powerfully featured Drupal themes available in the market, it is at a clicks distance for you to transform your simple Drupal website into a great looking and impressive website. You can use the themes that are available in the official website or even construct sub-themes from a particular theme that acts as a parent theme. GreenGeeks offers Drupal optimized web hosting services that will allow you to install themes quickly and effortlessly.

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