When we lived without Google or Yahoo like search engines we were using only web directories to look for the required information. It contained multiple links to different websites and it was grouped in a way that helped the visitors to look for the required information quickly, without spending much time and effort. Search Engine and Search Directory might look similar but they are not.

Recently, the usage and volume of the Web has grown enormously. The huge amount of data that has been transmitted has become useful to millions of users across the world, including users in developing and less-developed regions. Very few are aware that the web directories are directly related to personal businesses. Web directories are most useful for the businesses when they try to extend their reach and attract users to their products.

PHP Based Directory Script

Some of the PHP based directory scripts currently available in the market:

  • Free directory script – PHP Weby: Php Weby directory script, a very powerful and easy-to-use script possesses multiple options to run a directory, site catalog or even a simple exchange system. You can develop a simple directory and ask your users to notify their favorite sites and you can also charge them for the review. Alternatively, you can create a local directory for your locality and charge for advertising area and run a small business. Some of the key features are link validation, integrated PayPal payment system, reciprocal linking, SEO urls, template driven system and unlimited categories and subcategories.
  • Osclass open source classifieds – PHP Script: OSClass is an application using which you can swiftly create and maintain your own classifieds site. With this application, you can generate revenue by providing free advertising for real estate, jobs, items for sale, cars and so on. Thousands of free advertising websites are using OSClass application. It is very SEO friendly and possesses various themes and plugins.
  • phpLD 4.2.1: It is the latest version that is very much faster than its predecessor. There are few minor improvements in this version. This is only a maintenance release and many new releases are expected in this year.
  • PhpMyDirectory: PhpMyDirectory is the world famous website solution. Using this, you can build and maintain a sturdy web directory site with much ease as it is built on PHP and MySQL technologies. PhpMyDirectory is used to create sites that are more focused on classifieds, business directory, and many more. As PhpMyDirectory has more than hundred configurable options, you are provided with a complete suite of options to create a sturdy website.
  • eSyndiCat: eSyndiCat is a bidding directory script that makes it easy for you to run a profitable bidding directory. It is one of the fully featured bidding scripts that are available in the market currently. The Bidding directory script sorts the links based on the bidding amount and as usual the one who bid the top get the maximum position in the directory. The in-built automated system is easy and simple for the advertisers to post their details and they can also upgrade the bid options whenever they want.
  • WordPress + DirectoryPress: DirectoryPress contains all the niche features that you are looking to build global and sturdy websites without the need of a designing team.
  • phpLinkBid: phpLinkBid uses PayPal, an automatic payment mechanism that makes this an easy solution for anyone to run a profitable bid directory. This solution sorts the links based on the bid amount and the maximum bidder reaches the highest position in this directory. The extensive automated system helps the advertisers to submit the link with much ease and make changes whenever needed. All these happen while you get your payment automatically and get complete control on each of the links in your website.
  • Joomla + SobiPro: SobiPro is a very powerful directory extension tool for the Joomla! This was designed to very easily create many directories or content types. SobiPro allows you and your visitors to filter, search and view the custom content on your websites that are powered by Joomla content management system. The power of SobiPro lies in the number of customization you need to make available for your website. Using SobiPro, you can create a directory that helps your visitors to submit their entries from the user interface. These submissions can be free of cost or you can charge them based on your business models.
  • Joomla + Mosets Tree: Mosets Tree is one of the best directory extensions for Joomla! You can use this to implement a very complex Yahoo-like directory structure in your website.
  • qlWebDS: qlWebDS is a very innovative script that is now used in almost 15000 directories across the world. Key feature is to easily manage the content using special admin options and simple tools. It also provides a single step submission process for users.

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