Website builders are used nowadays to create new website and they are very easy to use. In the earlier days, websites were created by developers who wrote very complicated computer code. This made it tough for non-developers to build a website as they were dependent on hiring someone who is excellent in programming. Currently, the entire website building scenario has changed. Now, there are lots of website building tools available which can be used by anybody to build their website. Using these, any average person can build an excellent professional-looking website.

Using these websites, apart from advertising a product, you can also display a blog, include e-commerce service, or just show an organized content.

Features of Free Website Builder

Website builders contains lots of designing tools, content management system (CMS), search engine optimization (SEO) and many other features. Many of these builders provide a very simple interface with which you can build professional websites. When you start building your website, you always go with the pre-designed templates first. Pre-designed templates provides you different layouts, styles and designs using which you can customize your website. Some of these templates are structured with very attractive multi-media plugins that are used by performers and media professionals and excellent galleries for designers and photographers. Most of the advanced features are available as a premium upgrade. With GreenGeeks, you can create your website by following a few simple steps with 100’s of included features for free.

Top Free Website Builders

Some of the top free website builders and their features are explained here.

  • GreenGeeks Website Builder: GreenGeeks Website Builder is a drag n’ drop type website builder that allows you to effortlessly make a website without having any technical skills. The website builder is included in the price of the hosting package which also gives you other goodies such as e-mail, marketing tools, technical support and e-commerce capabilities.
  • Google Sites: Google Sites is another easy to use tool that you can use to create websites and also customize them using many tools. It provides you multiple pre-build templates that you use for free.
  • IMCreator: IMCreator is a tool that you can use to create quick professional website using the fast HTML based tools. The main feature is the drag-and-drop service using which you can customize your site along with a fantastic gallery of pre-designed templates. For working with this tool, you don’t need to know about any programming knowledge. If you have few extra bucks to spend, well this tool offers few affordable plans for you to register your hosting domain and email features.
  • Jigsy: Jigsy is a tool that you can use to create professional websites with the help of the drag-and-drop HTML elements. Jigsy is one tool that provides you many responsive templates that you can use to create responsive websites. It also offers a gallery of images from where you can select any free stock image and use in your website for free.
  • MoonFruit: MoonFruit is a free utility that you can use to create professional looking websites without any knowledge of programming. After you create your account here, simply select a theme and you ready to create your website. There is also a premium plan with few additional features that you can choose for 12$ per month.
  • Tumblr: Tumblr is a tool that does not need any introduction. Using this, you can build your blog and share any content using a simple dashboard. Tumblr more than a simple website builder, you can use it for sharing anything on the cloud and use it like your own diary.
  • Webs: Webs is another handy tool that provides you multiple options to create a professional-looking website for free. When you opt for the free plan, you get 0.5GB of sweb space and 40B of storage for free.
  • WebNode: WebNode is another fantastic tool that you can use to create your website in very few simple steps. You can use your own domain and select any pre-built template that you can use to create different websites. You can also manage your website using your smartphones.
  • Weebly: Weebly is a free tool that provides you multiple features to create fantastic websites. This tool possesses a vast library of themes for you to choose from where you can customize your site easily even if you have no programming knowledge. This tool also has iPhone and Android apps using which you can manage websites on the fly.
  • Wix: Wix is a simple online tool that allows you to create good looking professional website in very few minutes. When you create the website using Wix, you can customize your website according to your preferences. The best part here is that you need not know about programming knowledge. This tool has a huge library of HTML5 and flash templates that you can use.
  • Yola: Yola is an easy to use, free tool for website building that you can use to create websites and also customize them using drag and drop themes. This tool also provides you few analytics report using which you can check the number of visitors for your website.

It’s important to remember that when using free website builders such as the ones listed above, you will be unable to cleanly move the website to another provider due to the proprietary technology that is used to build the websites. This is why we suggest using WordPress to build your web site — you will be able to take the website to any provider in the future.

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