This lesson will teach you how to add your GreenGeeks Reseller hosting server to your Clientexec installation.

Step 1: Login to Clientexec


Visit your Clientexec installation directory and login. We have setup our installation at

Step 2: Add your GreenGeeks Server


Click on the “setup” menu at the top of the page and select “Servers”.

Step 3: Select the default server


Click on “server1 (Default)” to open up the settings menu for this server.

Step 4: Fill out the general server information


Fill out the information in the General tab. The main shared IP can be obtained from the ‘Reseller Account Information” email that we send you along with the server hostname. The plugin you select must be “CPanel” in order for Clientexec to sucessfully talk to our server.

Step 5: Enter Private Nameserver Information


Setup your nameservers at your registrar and place that information in the Nameserver boxes. Information on setting up nameservers can be found at

Step 6: Obtain WHM Access Hash


Login to WHM and click ‘Setup Remote Access Key”. Your access hash will appear on this page. Copy this key to your clipboard.

Step 7: Enter cPanel Access Information


Enter your reseller account username, access hash, and email in the “Plugin Configuration” bab and click “Update” to add the server to CE.

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