This lesson will outline how configure your Enom Reseller account with Clientexec

Step 1: Create your eNom Reseller Account

Following the instructions in order to find out how to get your domain reseller account powered by eNom.

Step 2: Login to Clientexec & Open the Plugins page


Once your eNom account has been upgraded to a reseller account, login to your Clientexec and select the Plugins page within the Setup menu.

Step 3: Open the eNom page


Select Registrars at the top of the Plugins page and select eNom on the left hand side.

Step 4: Enter eNom login information


Enter your eNom information and click “Update Settings”.

Step 5: Configure your domains product to use eNom


Hover over the Setup menu and click on Products / Addons.

Step 6: Click on Domain Name


Step 7: Add a TLD


Click on the + button next to add a TLD.

Step 8: Create the TLD


Input a TLD and click Save. Make sure to select the Enom plugin for automatic registration.

Step 9: Add TLD Pricing


Add pricing for your TLD’s accordingly and hit Update.

Step 10: You’re Done!

You have sucessfully added eNom functionality into your Clientexec as well as created a domain product which will use this plugin.

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