Using script library, you can easily automate most of the tasks on the website. The main advantage of using client-side scripting is that HTML supports your script irrespective of the language that you use.

Most of the popular scripting language such as JavaScript, CGI Script, PHPScript, ASP Script, VB Script, Perl Script, Python and so on.

Downloading Script Libraries

Some of the websites from where you can download few scripts are listed here.

  • CgiScript: CgiScript is the pioneer in providing script libraries. Developers are using it since 1998 and it provides the best and latest scripts for them. In this website, you can use both their old and new scripts on CGI, PHP, tutorials and few web designs.
  • Gscripts: is the latest in the market that provides exclusive free php scripts such as photo galleries, forums, CMS, e-commerce solutions and so on. All the scripts that are there in this website are provided with a simple demo so that you can actually see how the script works before implementing on your website.
  • Hot Scripts: Hot Scripts is by far the largest resource portal that provides scripts in almost all the languages such as CGI, PHP, Perl, ASP and JavaScript. There are more than 1000 script libraries for you to choose the best script for your website.
  • JavaFile: JavaFile is an exclusive site specially designed for Java developers. It has more than 600 free JavaScripts that you can use in your website.
  • Perl scripts Java scripts: Perl scripts Java scripts is an exclusive site that you can use to download Perl and Java scripts. This site is one of the very few sites that claim to provide sturdy and well-tested script libraries.
  • PHP Junkyard: PHPJunkYard is an exclusive website that provides PHP scripts for developers. This is one of the very famous website among PHP developers as it provides many free scripts and tutorials so that even a novice developer can use these scripts.
  • ScriptCopy: is a website from where you can use PHP clone scripts from many other websites. Using these scripts, you can plan to create a site that is similar to Youtube.
  • Script Archive: The Script archive website provides you free Perl scripts that you can use to develop web-based CGI features. You can use these scripts in forums, credit card verification and online polling.
  • Script Dungeon: The Script Dungeon provides you free PHP, ASP and Java scripts that you can use in your website right away. This website provides you a collection of scripts taken from all other websites.
  • Script Gateway: Scripts Gateway is an excellent site that is used by webmasters and experienced programmers to enhance their website by implement advanced features on their website.
  • Sitescripts: SiteScripts is another source for developers to use the PHP, ASP, Java Scripts and many other resources available in this website. Downloading scripts is free of cost and does not take much time. It has almost 6000 script libraries for you use.
  • The Script Library: The Script Library is considered to be the master of free scripts as it contains scripts from many languages that includes VBscript, Javascript, Perl, Python, Powershell and so on. There are around 10000+ free scripts from where you can download your required script and use in your website.
  • Webmastersscripts: Webmastersscripts is the site that is used mostly by advanced web developers. You can also submit your own scripts and also rate the scripts developed by other developers. From this website, you can download scripts from almost all the languages such as PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PerlScript and so on.

JavaScript Libraries

JavaScript libraries are very often used by most of the website developers. Some of the recent JavaScript framework that all the developers must know is discussed here.

  • DHTMLX Touch: Mainly used for HTML5 supported browsers.
  • Dojo Toolkit: Mainly used to develop mobile and desktop applications.
  • jQuery: Most of the famous companies such as Google, Technorati, etc use jQuery. It provides swift and fantastic web development using impressive features such as AJAX interaction, animation, handling events and so on.
  • Moo Tools: Used extensively by advanced Javascript developers as it is based on Object-oriented approach.
  • Prototype: Excellent choice for JavaScript developers across the world. Provides easy toolkit along with the complete AJAX library.
  • Qooxdoo: Another option for advanced Javascript developer and it is based on Object-oriented approach using which you can create many RIAs.
  • Excellent dynamic websites can be created using this Java framework.
  • Sencha Ext JS4 Framework: Provides fantastic cross-browser JavaScript support using which you can build rich web applications.
  • SproutCore: SproutCore is an open source framework that you can use to build web applications that provide fantastic user experience.
  • SPRY JavaScript Framework: Mainly used by JavaScript novice developers.

Research on these frameworks, try out all these scripts and use the best ones in your website. You need to keep looking for the latest frameworks in all these sites. Using these latest script libraries will keep your website modern and up-to-date. You can also use Softaculous which is a 1-click installer of over 150 ready to install scripts and comes included with GreenGeeks web hosting.

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