Drupal Romania Association is organizing the Biggest Drupal Camp in Tirgu-Mures, Romania on 2-3 Nov 2013. Drupal Romania Association since their foundation in the year 2010, have been arranging Drupal Camps every consecutive year. The first Drupal Conference in Romania after the establishment of Romania Association was held at Timisoara (2010) which was followed by a conference at Bucharest (2011) and then at Arad (2012).

Having prominent historical significance Tirgu Mures is located on the banks of Mures River and is a part of Mures County.  Known as a City of Roses Tirgu Mures is privileged to enjoy Romanian and Hungarian cultural heritages.

This mega event at Tirgu Mures is certainly an opportunity for the developers and users from Hungary, Romania, Moldova and other European states to come together and get connected. Tirgu Mures Conference is going to see eminent Speakers from Global Drupal Community sharing their views on topics which will benefit novice and experienced users alike.

Key Sessions

The overview of the topics which are going to be talked over at Tirgu Mures Drupal Conference are suitable for three broad categories of users like Novice, Intermediate level and high level users.

Introduction to Drupal

Themes like Introduction to Drupal would benefit guests from Non – Technical background to understand Drupal better through topics like Introduction to Drupal and Drupal Community, Different ways of structuring Drupal Contents and understanding main Drupal Concepts, Functional and technical features, Product Life cycle etc. which would not only introduce them to this powerful software but also would help to reinforce their interest in it. It is going to be delivered by Drupal Consultant at Amplexor, Jan Lemmens.

Case Study

Alexandru Scutaru, Drupal Department Manager at Propeople is going to present a showcase on Formula X in which he is going to discuss about how audacious design meets quality development.

About Vagrant

A session on how to quickly setup your development environment with Vagrant by Alexandru Mihnea Andrascu CTO at Intellix Web SpecOps will enlighten the guests on setting up full LEMPP stack under a virtualized server environment.

BDD (Behaviour Driven Development) and Drupal

In a session, just before lunch, Alexandru Badiu Software Engineer at Demotix / Corbis is going to address users on Behaviour Driven Development using Drupal. He would elaborate on the desired behaviour of your software given certain scenarios.

Drupal and GSA (Google Search Application)

Willems Joachim, Drupal consultant @ Amplexor would address the developers about integration of Drupal with Google Search Applications for Drupal Intranet Site Search. He will also enlighten the guests about GSA specifics, GSA configuration and using GSA in Drupal site.

Using Drupal 7 to Build Search Pages

Building search pages satisfying user requirements using Drupal 7 thereby achieving powerful and flexible search using search API and additional modules is the theme which will be discussed by Kozma Adrian,a Developer at PITECH+PLUS. She would mainly speak about Pros of Search API and how to configure it, indexing your data and building first search page views and Search API solr. She would also throw some light on how to create user friendly features using Facet API and use of additional modules.

Project Administration Interface

Vladimir Melnic, a Drupal Developer at Propeople is going to speak about PAI- Project Administration Interface.

Drupal 8

Answering the questions of beginners in the area of development and coding, Andrei Jechiu a developer at Propeople is going to talk about Drupal 8 RESTful Web Services core module, Serialization in Symfony, Guzzle framework, Routing in Drupal 8, Services module in Drupal 8.

Optimizing performance

Additionally Mihai Barabas a developer at REFA is going to put forth his views on how creation of tons of nodes Drupal slows down and how one can optimize it using custom entities.

These topics and many more in line are being voted in order to know what is the most expected and most voted topic in the list.

Along with the above, the list of expected speakers include Bontond Boros web developer at PITCH+PLUS, Sergiu Savva, Drupal Developer at Propeople, Balint Keri, Web Developer from Commerce Guys, Doru Furtuna Web Developer @ Propeople.


The venue for this knowledge sharing session is Grand Hotel, a classic destination in the heart of Transylvania. It is recently being done matching the contemporary times.

Your trip to Tirgu Mures is assured to be a memorable one with a city tour, which showcases city attractions like City Hall, Central Park, Medieval Citadel, and Palace of Culture. Being at Grand Hotel you will be closest to Transylvania Airport Tirgu Mures.


The diamond sponsors of this event are Reea, Platinum sponsors are PITECH+PLUS & Diggi Business, Gold sponsors are Amplexor Romania and Webikon and community sponsors are ACQUIA.

Catch up with Drupal Global Community and do much more with Drupal, attend 2013 Tirgu Mures Drupal Conference. Less than 24 hours left, Have you registered yourself for the event yet?

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