Online Marketing or Internet Advertising uses the Internet to sell/buy products or provide service to consumers. Online Marketing includes ecommerce, emails, search engines, social media, show advertising, and mobile advertising.

Online marketing is becoming progressively important to small businesses of all types. Nowadays, consumers look in for the product in the Internet before they perform their actual shopping. With the highlights and features of the product available over the Internet, consumers are able to analyze and avail the product at the ease of their comfortability. With the rise of this culture, it is important for every business to include Online Marketing in addition to their already practicing techniques.

Why do you need to be at Online Marketing Summit?

This Online Marketing Summit is dedicated to the technology marketer. Their mission is to build a community of tech marketers, for tech marketing. This summit delivers insight from the best thinkers from top companies, and enclosed up in a community of sharing, learning, teaching and practice that will supercharge both your skill sets and strategic vision.

In this summit, 400 senior-level tech marketing professionals will discover the most modern and cutting-edge innovations and strategies to drive marketing success. This conference also provides educational sessions across five tracks, motivating keynotes, top industry sponsors, workshops, and expensive venue at the Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel.

This summit provides chance to learn on how to:

  • Develop the right mix of digital and outdated networks
  • Find new ways to scale sales at low cost
  • Navigate cloud-based and subscription models
  • Influence social and mobile technologies to drive business outcomes
  • Combine deep subject-matter expertise for effective solutions
  • Identify the new decision maker

The five most important reasons are:

  • Vision
  • Education
  • Community
  • Technology
  • Sophisticated Luxury

Who can attend the Online Marketing Summit?

This summit is dedicated to all technology marketers who possess extreme focus on vision, technology, content, and community.

The technology marketers include:

  • Senior Marketing Managers
  • Marketing Directors
  • VPs of Marketing
  • CMOs
  • Demand Gen Professionals
  • Lead Gen Professionals
  • Advertising Professionals
  • Media and Agency Professionals
  • Communications Professionals

Online Marketing Summit for the year 2014

Online Marketing Summit will take place at the Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel in Dana Point, CA over two and a half days from Tuesday, February 18th through Thursday, February 20th.

Online Marketing Summit places you in front of many senior-level technology marketers and decision makers across leading brands and small and medium sized businesses. This summit gives you the unique opportunity to make attendees your new customers by building community and engaging them in a friendly setting.

There are lots of marketing solutions providers, vendors, technologies and agencies will showcase their products, share best practices and engage a focused group of 400 influential attendees.

The list of exhibitors at the Online Marketing Summit to be held at Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel in the year 2014 is finalized. The scheduler and the list of exhibitors have been put in display at the official website of Online Marketing Summit.

Some of the exhibitors finalized upon so far are listed below:

  • Socedo
  • SurveyAnalytics
  • Jelli
  • Maxymiser
  • Zuberance
  • Microsoft Bing
  • Advaiya Solutions
  • QuestionPro
  • KKM Group
  • DataSift
  • Apptio
  • Sony Electronics
  • ExtactTarget
  • Young and Rubicam
  • Microsoft
  • IDC
  • Microsoft Corporation
  •  UBM Tech
  • Factrhythm
  • VML

Online Marketing Blog and Webcasts

Online Marketing Summit blog is a simple blogging place available on the official website of Tech Marketing 360. Click on the following link to access the blog. The blog has various updates and latest information on the Tech Marketing 360 events and also provides you with guidelines, instructions and tips to progress further.

Online Marketing has also put together an archive of webcasts for the benefit of both the Web Hosting Companies and Web Hosting Consumers. This helps to distribute a single content source to many listeners/viewers on live or on demand. Using these webcasts you can conveniently learn about the latest industry trends from anywhere anytime. Click the following link to view the archive of webcasts made available by the Online Marketing Summit team,

In simple terms, Online Marketing Summit is a technology marketer conference that all marketers should attend. It is a platform that provides you with the opportunity to either exhibit yourself or your Company’s worth or to simply look for and meet talented and successful people in the online marketing Industry. You can even socialize with the Online Marketing Summit Team through Social Networking Sites such as Facebook, Google + and Twitter. By linking the Online Marketing Summit Facebook page or following them on Twitter you can get their regular updates straight to your account.

Attending this conference will result in developing the right mix of digital and outdated networks, finding new ways to scale sales at low cost, navigating cloud-based and subscription models, influencing social and mobile technologies to drive business outcomes and combining deep subject-matter expertise for effective solutions.

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