A website is complete in all aspects when it is deployed on a web hosting platform. A web hosting platform publishes the website on the World Wide Web. Web hosting works on a principle of selling or leasing out server space and internet connectivity to the prospective client. Simple or one page website hosting may generally need File Transfer Protocol to upload the files. This service is offered for free by many Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

The technological advancement has prompted more and more people to choose clouds and social networks but still there are takers for something called traditional web hosting through which you can publish a custom web page, a blog or any custom built website for free. There are two main types of free web hosting. The choice of the type of web hosting depends upon the kind of website you want to float.

Free web hosting with no ads

Mostly we come across the websites which has a lot of distractors in terms of advertisements, banners, text links, pop-ups etc. When you use free web hosting platform with no ads, your website is clean and tidy without any ads popping which can at times be very annoying to the visitor.

Free domain hosting

Once you have decided on your website and its name, you can also have a choice whether to own the domain. Owning a domain basically will enable you to host your domain name on servers at the web host’s end with no additional costs.

You should seek for the following features in a free web hosting platform. GreenGeeks provide everything which is required to satisfy the requirements of the best free website hosting. The services provided are categorized as

Unlimited bandwidth

Bandwidth is the amount of data that is transferred through your website at one time. You can gauge the bandwidth of the website and decide the most suitable plan for your website. You can have a certain amount of bandwidth usage as a part of free website hosting plan.

Unlimited storage space

Storage space requisite of your website can be determined depending on the amount of data you are going to host. Provision of unlimited storage space caters to the need of increased page size in the near future. .

Knowing the fear of getting charged unnecessarily for extra storage space and bandwidth usage among the website owners, GreenGeeks sends an email message to you in case it finds that you are going to exceed specified limit of usage. It helps you to either cut down the bandwidth or storage space or you can scale the same. This situation seldom occurs but a fool proof method for an exceeding limit is already introduced by GreenGeeks.

Unlimited Domains

Having more than one domain facilitates you as a website owner. You can also have free domain name for all of your life kind of account. You can also avail facilities like domain addon and domain parking with minimal charges.

Free drag and drop site builder

This one is the unique functionality offered by GreenGeeks wherein you can create your website with simple and easy to use drag and drop functionality.

Free Site Migration

The most tedious task faced by any website owner till date happens to be website migration. GreenGeeks offer website migration solution free of charge. A simple walk through the process of migration will make you feel how simplified web migration can be.

SEO features

GreenGeeks provide SEO features for free helping you increasing ranking of your website on the internet search.

Service Uptime

The most important entity, i.e. service uptime of your website is neatly looked after by GreenGeeks. With an offer of 99.99% free up time, GreenGeeks are best among all the free web hosting providers.

Money back guarantee

While choosing the best free website hosting it is necessary either to have a trial run of services or to have a money back guarantee for a stipulated period of time. GreenGeeks provides 30 days money back guarantee.

Auto installer plus more than 100 free apps

In the free web hosting package, you also get auto installer functionality with hundreds of free apps. This is to help you with installation and provision of free apps is to make functioning of your website easier.

24X7 quality technical support

To this date service industry thrives on the support services entirely. While providing best website hosting the technical support and the quality of it is totally ignored by many web hosting providers. GreenGeeks pays attention to every aspect of service it provides, hence 24X7 technical support is provided through all 365 days to cater to all your technical needs arising at any point of time.

All in all GreenGeeks is the one stop shop for all your free website hosting requirements.

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