When Root Owner or Reseller Accesses cPanel through WHM

When the root owner or reseller logs into WHM, then clicks on ‘List Accounts” and attempts to access a cPanel using the blue CP icon (as noted below),


the root user or reseller will receive the warning message:


This message is normal and simply serves as a notice to the reseller or root owner, that they have logged in as the root owner/reseller and not as the actual cPanel owner.

Can this present an issue?

Yes, there are two possible scenarios that may occur.

  • When you are attempting to use phpMyAdmin in your client’s cPanel

    cPanel restricts access to this tool to the actual cPanel user, so this will prevent the Root user or Reseller from accessing phpMyAdmin. To gain access to phpMyAdmin, the root owner or reseller will need to log directly into the client’s cPanel with the actual cPanel username and password.
  • When a cPanel User Has the Same Password as the Root Owner or Reseller

    If a cPanel user on a reseller account receives the message “You are logged in using the root or reseller password,” this means the client’s password is the same as the root owner or reseller’s password. This issue is easily resolved by changing the reseller WHM password to a unique password.







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