ConfigServe Firewall (CSF) allows you to manually whitelist and blacklist IP addresses in your server’s firewall. In this article we will cover how to whitelist your IP Address.

It is a good idea to whitelist IP addresses on your server you can trust, such as the IP address of your home network. Whitelisting your own IP will prevent you from getting blocked from your server, which will save you time in the long run. To obtain your WAN IP address, navigate to and copy the number at the top of your page. For this example, we will use “” as our IP.

    1. First you will need to log in to Web Host Manager. Should you be a GreenGeeks Customer, this can be accomplished from inside your GreenGeeks Account Manager.
    2. Once logged in, click on “Plugins” followed by “ConfigServer Security & Firewall”. 
    3. Next, scroll down to the ConfigServer Firewall section. Here you will see a number of different options for managing IP addresses.
    4. Look for the “Quick Allow” option (it should be a green box). All you need to do is type in your IP, then click on the “Quick Allow” button. It is also a good idea to write a comment, such as “Home Computer” or “Web Developer”, for the IP so you can remember what it was added for.
    5. Congratulations, you have successfully whitelisted an IP Address in ConfigServe Firewall.

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